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Compare 9,679 prices from 156 stores.

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The Certeza Oximeter can gauge the level of oxygen in a person's blood. This is a non-invasive method for monitoring oxygen saturation in the blood.


A Certeza Oximeter gives users a quick and easy way to keep an eye on the oxygen levels in their blood. Oximeters are non-invasive, making them very convenient along with the fact that the results come back in minutes.

Compared to the other methods, oximeters are less accurate by a slight margin. Other methods such as arterial blood gas testing also provide more information on other blood gases.

Certeza Oximeters can be used to assess a person's general health during a routine physical exam. Other uses are to gauge blood oxygen levels regarding many issues including COPD, asthma, pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), cardiac arrest, anaemia, lung cancer, and heart failure, among others.

Overall oximeters are generally accurate within 2% to 4%of the actual reading. Skin pigmentation, artificial nails, nail polish and skin temperature and thickness can affect the reading.

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Certeza Compressor Nebulizer NB-608 Rs. 5,200
Certeza Cr 2001 – Desk Type Mercury-free Sphygmom… Rs. 9,800
Beurer Po 60 Bluetooth® Pulse Oximeter Rs. 16,000
Certeza Nebulizer Compressor System, NB-607 Rs. 6,050
Viatom Wrist Pulse_Oximeter,..… Rs. 26,990
Endress + Hauser Oxymax COS61D Digital Oxygen Sen… Rs. 404,250
Mastech Digital Anemometer With Temperature/Humid… Rs. 21,315
Certeza HemoGet Hemoglobin Meter HB-101 Rs. 8,500
Certeza Air Humidifier, HF-507 Rs. 9,000
Lifechek Mercurial Sphygmomanometer Bp Operator Rs. 5,400