Certeza Weighing Scale Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Certeza Weighing Scale in Pakistan is Rs. 2,100 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,128.


The Certeza Weighing Scales are an easy way to gauge your weight. These are digital weighing scales that have large, easy-to-read, LCD displays.


Having a Certeza Weighing Scale at home makes it easy to monitor your weight, a crucial marker of health in many cases.

There are different designs but in function, they are essentially the same. They all have large LCD displays that are easy to read. The top parts are made from plastic or tempered glass, one can choose the look they like.

With multiple sensors so the readings are accurate, the Certeza Weighing Scales also have overload indicators. The scale turns on and off automatically, to turn it on you just need to step on it. After a while of not being used, it goes into hybrnation mode.

Price List

Model Price
Certeza Digital Glass Bathroom Scale (GS-808) Rs. 2,100
BF860 Certeza Diagnostic Bathroom Digital Scale 2… Rs. 4,999
Certeza Digital Glass Bathroom Scale (GS-810) Rs. 2,400
GS-807 Certeza Digital Glass Bathroom Scale Rs. 2,999
Certeza Digital Plastic Weighing Scale (PS-812) Rs. 3,299
GS810 Certeza Bathroom Digital Scale with Safety … Rs. 3,999
Certeza Digital Glass Bathroom Scale (GS-807) Rs. 2,100
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