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The best price of Chaat Masala in Pakistan is Rs. 32 and estimated average price is Rs. 150.


Pakistani street food like dahi baray and channa chaat are widely consumed in the country. Home made as well as readymade powdered masalas are added to enhance the flavour of the street food. Companies like Shan and National are known for manufacturing ready-made chat masalas. Check out chaat masala prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Though readymade masalas are not even half as good as the homemade ones, they certainly do save a lot of time and energy. You can easily buy powdered chat masala from leading Pakistani brands online from our website. 

Chaat Masala Uses

1. It can be used to give flavour and spiciness to your chaat, dahi bhallay and other street foods.

2. Chat masala can also be sprinkled on fried foods like fish, pakoras, french fries, onion rings, kachori etc.

3. To add spiciness to the biryani, some people like to sprinkle a bit of chat masala powder.

4. It can also be used with other spices to marinate chicken or fish etc for a spicy flavour.

5. A dash of chat masala on mixed fruit chaat can enhance its flavour and tanginess to a great deal.


These days ready-made spice powders are available by different brands like National MasalaShan MasalaMehran, Malka etc. They are a quick and easy alternative to homemade time taking grounded spice mix and can come in handy every time you quickly need a spice mix ready for cooking. Their prices vary depending on the size and quantity of the product but they are an affordable way to add zest to your food. 

Price List

Model Price
Special Chaat Masala 500gm (Chicken Flavour) Rs. 200
Chat Masala 500g (Bachat) Rs. 99
(pack Of 2)himalayan Dahi Baray Masala-100 Gm Qor… Rs. 318
Mehran Chaat Masala 100g Rs. 85
Vatani Spices Chat Masala - 180gm Rs. 270
Chat Masala Regular 1kg Rs. 249
National Chaat Masala Mix (50gm) Rs. 32
Shan Chaat Masla 100g Rs. 90
Shan Chaat Masala 50g Rs. 75
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