Chana Masala

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Compare 23 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 329 - Rs. 4217


A ready-made mix of either just the relevant spices or the chickpeas along with the spices. Chana masala mixes make it easy to cook food for people who may not have time or may not know how to cook. These kinds of mixes are available for nominal rates.


Chana Masala

A staple dish made from chickpeas that is spicy. Chana masala is available on the market in a pre-made mixture where the chickpeas are marinated in spices and is packed using the retort technology, extending its shelf life. This kind of chana masala mix is quick to cook.

One can also find chana masala mix that has only the spices mixed for chickpeas. These dried spices are mixed in the right quantities to create the flavour apt for this dish. It is similar to how one can find pre-made biryani masala mixes. One only needs to add in the chickpeas some vegetable condiments and oil for the dish to be on its way.


These pre-made masala mixes make it easy for people to cook as the flavours are sorted out for them. True cooks consider this to be a cheat or a quick fix.

Chana masala is available for nominal rates in both forms. The famous Shaan Masala brand also has a chana masala mix.

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The best price of Chana Masala in Pakistan is Rs. 329 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,325.

Price List

Model Price
Chat Masala (chatpata Chaat Masala) - 1 Kg Rs. 399
Chaat Masala 1kg Rs. 460
Mumtaz Chaat Masala 1kg Rs. 650
Falak Chaat Masala, 100g Rs. 360
Chat Masala - 250 Gm Rs. 400
Chat Masala 1kg (wholesale) Rs. 399
Chat Masala 1kg Rs. 1,000
Himalayan Chef Grocery Package- Pack Of 13 | Daal… Rs. 3,379
Chat Masala 1kg Wholesale Rs. 500