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Compare 45 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 34900 - Rs. 307999


A brand partnership between China and Pakistan, Changhong Ruba has a concise range of electronic devices. The prices are competitive and the quality is good for their range.


Changhong Ruba a joint venture

A partnership between a Chinese company called Changhong and a Pakistani company called Ruba, coming together to release a range of products for the commercial market. Combining with a Pakistani company for a more whole understanding of the local market to provide better services on ground which is crucial for the aftermarket services delivered to customers to run better.

Product range

Among the various electronics, they are producing TVs. Within China 1 in 4 TVs is manufactured by Changhong. In Pakistan, they are selling LED TVs and Smart LED TVs. The smart TV has more functions and allows the user to connect to the internet directly to stream via apps installed on the TV. Changhong Ruba's TVs are based on the Android platform, this lets users download apps from the Google Play store. With a variation in size and resolution that affects the price range. Aside from TVs, they also produce a range of ACs, with inverter technology so they are energy efficient. This same inverter technology is used by them in the refrigerators they make as well. Again allowing for these machines to run efficiently and keep the electric bill a lot lower than it would be otherwise. Changhong Ruba also has a smaller range of water dispensers.

Changhong Ruba is generally a competitively priced brand, making their devices accessible to more.

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The best price of Changhong Ruba in Pakistan is Rs. 34,900 and the estimated average price is Rs. 121,113.

Price List

Model Price
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD418G Refrigerator Rs. 81,999
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD238GK/R Refrigerator Rs. 82,999
Changhong Ruba SDH 18FAi Heat & Cool Rs. 149,999
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD378G Glass Door Refrigerator Rs. 99,999
Changhong Ruba L43G3EM 43″ inch Music LED TV Rs. 93,998
Changhong Ruba CSC-18QDH Split Air Conditioner Rs. 126,298
Changhong Ruba| Chiq - SDH 18OWi Heat & Cool - 1.… Rs. 229,999
Changhong Ruba L39G3EM 39″ inch Music LED TV Rs. 69,898
CHR-DD389-GT Changhong-Ruba Double Door Refrigera… Rs. 85,000
Changhong Ruba L43G5SI 43″ inch Smart Led Tv Rs. 105,898
Changhong Ruba CSC-18JTW Split Air Conditioner Rs. 140,298