Changhong Ruba Refrigerator

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Compare 11 prices from 3 stores.

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Changhong Ruba produces a range of electronic devices, among them are also refrigerators. Incorporating technologies to make them more energy-efficient and environment-friendly, with sleek glass designs. The variety is ample for anyone to find something within a relatively friendly budget.


Changhong Ruba

This brand is a partnership between Changhong and Ruba, one brand is from China and the second from Pakistan. Combining with a Pakistani company is smart for a more whole understanding of the local market. This helps provide better services on ground, which is crucial for the aftermarket services delivered to customers to run better.

Changhong Ruba Refrigerators

In the Changhong Ruba product range, there is also a line of refrigerators. Available in a few various sizes, but generally a single door fridge is what they produce. Some are narrower and others wider, which works for you is a matter of the space available in your home or office. With a mix of glass panel doors or the more common metal face doors. The colours and the designs on the door vary in the glass range, allowing for the consumer to choose one they like more; or something that suits the rest of their kitchen better.

Refrigerator Line Features

Changhong Ruba has added the DC inverter technology they use in ACs to their refrigerators as well, making them energy efficient too. The voltage range on them is also wider so in case there is some fluctuation the refrigerator can handle it. They use R600a gas as the coolant, this is a better gas and is being used commonly now. With a zero Ozone Depletion Potential and very low Global Warming Potential, making their refrigerators even more environment-friendly.

There are also features like Turbo Cool and a 3 sided condenser for faster cooling. Variants even have a digital display that shows the temperature and settings, making it more specific than the older dial.


Which refrigerator from Changhong Ruba you choose to purchase is a matter of the budget you have in mind, the size and other features you may or may not need.

The prices of Changhong Ruba refrigerators are competitive. As far as refrigerators go they are in the mid ranges.

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The best price of Changhong Ruba Refrigerator in Pakistan is Rs. 81,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 102,253.

Price List

Model Price
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD418G Refrigerator Rs. 81,999
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD238GK/R Refrigerator Rs. 82,999
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD378G Glass Door Refrigerator Rs. 99,999
DD349ST Changhong-Ruba Direct Cool 2 Door Refrige… Rs. 89,900
CHR-DD389-GT Changhong-Ruba Double Door Refrigera… Rs. 85,000
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD338GPR/GPB Glass Door Invert… Rs. 83,999
Changhong Ruba CHR-DD338G 12 Cubic Feet Glass Doo… Rs. 97,999
Changhong Ruba Glass Door inverter refrigerators … Rs. 114,198
Changhong Ruba Glass Door inverter refrigerators … Rs. 130,198
Changhong Ruba Glass Door inverter refrigerators … Rs. 138,298
Changhong Ruba Glass Door inverter refrigerators … Rs. 120,198