Charcoal Clothing

Compare 2 prices from 1 stores.

Compare 2 prices from 1 stores.


Rs. 25000 - Rs. 60000


Charcoal is a local brand that has been producing quality western wear for the most part but also has options for eastern clothes. They make clothes exclusively for men. With a wide range of options in their various categories, these categories include suits, shirts, pants, kurtas and more. They also stock a small ensemble of accessories. Charcoal is priced competitively, making their clothes affordable to a larger base of people.


The Charcoal clothing brand

A brand catering to men's wardrobe, Charcoal is known for sober colours and sleek designs. They have a full catalogue that one could complete their wardrobe from. The brand has been around since 2008 and has built up a good reputation with a decent sized customer base.

The Charcoal clothing catalogue

One can fill up all their clothing needs at Charcoal, they stock suits, shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets,  waistcoats, shalwar kameez, kurtas and accessories. The suiting range includes more sober formal wear, blazers and some tuxedos for party wear. The formal suits have a colour range between greys, blues and browns. Of course, they have options for the standard black, which is the most commonly worn colour. One can find options for three-piece suits and two-piece suits. They have made the cuts slick, so the fitting is neat without which a suit does not look right. The blazers are slightly more varied in colours, especially since these are designed to be worn in the day for outdoor functions as well. This being the reason why one can often find blazers in lighter colours as well.

Charcoal has a lot of options for their shirts, not just in the variations of shirts but within each subcategory. They have dress shirts to go with their suits that are a more simple kind, so as to not take away from the suit too much. There is also a large variety of casual shirts, these are funkier and the collars are a different cut. The patterns on the casual shirts and colours are a lot more diverse. Charcoal has many different kinds of polo shirts and t-shirts for everyday wear. Not many brands cater to half-sleeved shirts but this one does that too.

For trousers, the brand has chinos, dress pants, jeans and has also included shorts and tracks into the same category. The chinos are pants without the crease running down them, while the dress pants have that defining crease. The jeans are regular denim wear. The tracks are comfortable wear for the home of working out. The shorts are great for the summer months, which Pakistan has many of. These are either made from cotton or denim.

Eastern wear

Charcoal stocks a lot more options for kurtas in comparison to shalwar kameez. A lot of the kurtas are also quite funky as these are often worn at mehndi functions during the wedding festivities. The Shalwar kameez have a few simple renditions, with only the white ones having the regular pointy collar. The coloured ones have band collars. One can also find ethnic style waistcoats in this segment, which are worn with one's eastern clothes to make them a tad more formal.

The winter segment

The winter collection includes their sweaters and jackets. For accessories the brand stocks the usual such as ties, belts, wallets, socks, vests, thermals, pocket squares, cufflinks and beanies. An item that is not as common though is the protective bag one can buy for their suits, these are made from breathable material so the suit doesn't get a musty smell.


The price ranges at Charcoal are generally from a mid-range, setting them in a competitive class. This allows more people access to their quality wear. There are also discounts when sales are on which can help one save another 25% on their fashion spending. This would be a great brand to set up one's formal, office or semi-casual wear.

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The best price of Charcoal Clothing in Pakistan is Rs. 25,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 42,500.

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Charcoal Rs. 60,000
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