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Compare 1,422 prices from 32 stores.

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Located in the heart of Pakistani Punjab province, Chiniot is a city that lies along the banks of river Chenab. It is famous for its sophisticated and intricately designed antique wooden furniture that is highly sought after across the country and beyond. If you are looking to decorate your home or offices and give it an ethnic touch, check out Chiniot furniture prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Design & Artistry

For centuries, craftsmen and artisans from Chiniot have curated high-quality wooden furniture by carving geometric and floral patterns onto cellulose fibres. Over the years the designs have evolved into modernistic trendy patterns that are not based on carving alone anymore. The designs now feature matte lacquer finished and deco painted furniture with the use of blues, silvers, golds etc that give a rather modernistic look.

Chiniot Office Furniture

Office furniture from Chiniot includes stylishly designed and sophisticated looking office desks, chairs, file cabinets, tables, lounge seating and computer desks. They are curated out of high-quality wood and the colour range includes light to the darkest shade of wood, depending on the decor of your office. 

Chiniot Bedroom Furniture 

You can buy high-quality chinioti bedroom furniture curated out of pure Sheesham wood or the Indian Rosewood from our website. The city is famous for densely hand-carved wooden luxury beds, single, bunk beds and double beds in Queen, King size and beyond.

Other bedroom furniture includes side tables or nightstands, dressing table with mirror, rocking chairs, ottoman, Victorian chairs, coffee tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers, study table, sofa come bed etc.

Chiniot Living Room Furniture

A living room is a place where the whole family sits together to watch TV or bond over coffee or to have a regular chit chat. It is one of the most used places in the house where the furniture is supposed to be extremely comfortable and durable.

Chiniot furniture for living room can be bought from our website with options from wooden sofa sets, centre tables, TV trolleys, entertainment consoles, side tables, dividers, swings, divans etc.

Chiniot Drawing Room Furniture

Drawing room holds a special place in a Pakistani household where formal and sometimes informal guests are seated. The room is decorated to stand out from the rest of the house and reflects the design aesthetics of the homemaker.

Along with comfort, the drawing-room furniture is supposed to be luxurious and regal looking as well as durable. Luxury chiniot furniture for the drawing-room can include stylish sofa sets, side tables, consoles, centre tables, wooden grandfather clocks, corner vitrine etc. 

Chiniot Dining Room Furniture

Most Pakistani families make sure to sit together to eat in the dining room every day. Dining room Chiniot wooden furniture includes dining tables with chairs, bar stools, cocktail table, crystal vitrine, consoles, china cabinets etc.

Chiniot Wooden Doors, Handicrafts & Frames

Other products included in chiniot artistry are wooden lamps, carved frames, wooden carved doors, tea trolleys, serving trolleys, prayer table, garden furniture, patio furniture, wooden storage boxes etc. 

A house decorated with chiniot furniture exudes a traditional and antique feel. You can mix and match chiniot with western style furniture to give a modernistic and unique touch to the house decor.

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Lilieum Wood Chaise Lounge Rs. 75,000
Drab Bedroom Sofa Chair Rs. 45,600
Camelot Sofa 1 Seater Rs. 69,000
Conte Sofa 1 Seater Rs. 63,000
Chelsea Dressing Table Rs. 85,000
Traditional Sofa 2 Seater Rs. 90,000
Traditional Sofa 1 Seater Rs. 50,000
Conte Sofa 2 Seater Rs. 101,000
Conte Sofa 3 Seater Rs. 128,000
Chelsea Bed Side Table Rs. 57,500