Chopper Machine

Compare 517 prices from 44 stores.

Compare 517 prices from 44 stores.


Rs. 800 - Rs. 245000


Chopper machine is a cheaper budget-friendly alternative to buying an expensive food processor. The chopper machine can mince, dice, chop, blend, and even puree raw ingredients uniformly for all kinds of dishes.

Pros & Cons


  • Available in manual and electric motor versions


  • The blade must be handled carefully to avoid injuries

  • The container can damage if the chopper is used with too much pressure

  • Electric choppers can be very noisy


Chopper machines are dishwasher safe and have removable parts to make them extremely easy to clean under running water. Each model will have a different size, motor power capacity and colour profile. They are durable, strong and easy to store in kitchen cabinets and counters. It is easy to carry a manual chopper machine on camping trips as it a lightweight and compact. For regions that do not have easy access to electricity, the manual chopper will be able to deliver fast and efficient help in the preparation of vegetables in all climates and conditions.

Design & Functions

A chopper machine can chop up to 1 to 4 cups of vegetable and fruit in its detachable container. Used to chop, grind or even mix a variety to create a fresh salad. Be able to prepare large meals without exhausting yourself in the kitchen. It can crush crunchy peanuts, almonds and walnuts to make homemade spreads. The manual chopper can slice vegetables through a push handle mechanism, once the food item is securely placed on the handle it is pushed down on to the slicer blades installed into the base surface for extra stability and safety. The chopper machine has two kinds of blades built into the mechanism that cut perfect squares of 1/2″ and 1/4″ inches. Electric chopper machines will have a detailed guidebook that has instructions on how to dice, slice, mince and blend food items, there are various kinds of containers, cleaning brushes and even a recipe book for users. 

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The best price of Chopper Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 800 and the estimated average price is Rs. 9,422.

Price List

Model Price
Chopper, Vegetables Chopper,fruit Choppers, Chppe… Rs. 1,190
Quick Chopper Vegetable – Onion Chopper – Kachome… Rs. 1,839
Manual Speedy Chopper, Hand Push Manual Chopper, … Rs. 1,149
Chopper - Manual Chopper - Chopper Machine - Hand… Rs. 1,150
American Chopper The Series (82257) Rs. 2,950
Chopper Press Machine For Vegetable, Hand Chopper… Rs. 1,229
Hand Chopper Manual Food Chopper Rs. 2,500
Hand Chopper / Handy Chopper Manually / Manual Ve… Rs. 1,249
WestPoint Chopper and Blender WF366 Rs. 16,600
Western – Chopper – W-123 – 800 Watts – Chopper –… Rs. 6,900