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Compare 7 prices from 5 stores.

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Christian Dior Poison is an older perfume from 1985 and much like a lot of the older ones, it is also sweet and fruity. There are hints of amber as well, with some wood, spice and other tones to balance out the scent somewhat. Poison, in general, is prefered by an older demographic of women as it is considered a more mature scent. This is an expensive perfume to purchase, given that the Dior brand uses top quality ingredients and also due to the fame of the brand itself.


Christian Dior is the band that made Paris the fashion capital again after WWII. It is a house that is still considered one of the top fashion houses all over the world. There is also an extensive line of fragrances under the Dior name, with many hits that have been favourites for a lot of people. Some of the best Dior perfumes include J'adore, Miss Dior, Diorissimo, Addict and Poison.

Poison is a perfume that has been a hit for many years, it was released in 1985 and still enjoy prestige. For the time it was launched in it was a break from what the market was used to in the aldehydes and chypre scents. Many people say it smells 'purple', by which they probably mean that it has a deep fragrance with a smokey feel too. Others tend to think the scent of Dior Poison is cloying.

Christian Dior Poison

This perfume has a fruity, amber and floral quality to it. These being the main accords, the others include spice, wood and honey.

The top notes are made from plum, wild berries, coriander, anise and Brazilian rosewood. This gives it a spicy, wooden start with fruit as well. For the heart notes one finds tuberose, incense, white honey, cinnamon, opoponax, carnation, jasmine, African orange flower and rose. With this mix, one get smokiness, spice and a lot of florals.

The base has vanilla, amber, sandalwood, musk, heliotrope, vetiver and Virginia cedar. A warmer base helps create a more soothing aura for all the floral and sweeter tones to be carried by. This base has a bit of it all mixed together well.

Dior's Poison is often associated with winter and the night, as well as autumn. This is a personal choice though, one could wear it at any time they please.

Today there are a lot of other iterations in the Poison line; generally with a similar bottle design to the original but a variation in colours. 


Christian Dior Poison is an expensive perfume for the local market, with prices at a mid-range. The reason it would be considered more expensive in Pakistan is due to this being a perishable item that runs out.

People who like Dior Poison swear by it still despite the decades since its release. 

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The best price of Christian Dior Poison in Pakistan is Rs. 52,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 85,324.

Price List

Model Price
Christian Dior Rs. 52,000
Christian Dior Sauvage Edp 200ml Perfume Rs. 69,579
Christian Dior The Cachemire 100ml Rs. 79,500
Christian Dior Oud Ispahan Edp 125ML Rs. 95,500
Oud Ispahan Christian Dior Perfume Rs. 101,589
Christian Dior New Look 1947 EDP 125ml Rs. 99,500
Christian Dior Purple Oud 125ml Rs. 99,603