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Compare 47 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 9999 - Rs. 20000


Chromebooks are gaining popularity as they are a lightweight, user-friendly, affordable and easily accessible variation of the more common laptop device. They are based on the Chrome web browsing operating system without all the bulky memory consuming drives built into advanced laptops.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • Virus protected

  • Cheaper than other models with similar specifications 

  • Google Apps - G Suite 

  • Long battery life


  • Limited storage 

  • Can not perform complex processing tasks - multitasking 

  • Limited offline functions 


Processing & Functionality 

Students prefer buying a Chromebook over an expensive laptop as they use them for extensive for research projects, assignments, high-quality video playback and the thousands of applications available on Android.

The Chromebook has taken all the essential features of web browsing and turned into an operating system that can directly download applications from both the Google Play store for Chrome and Android mobile compatible software. Users do not need to buy expensive software or waste time downloading, installing and upgrading traditional software.

Price Point

The Chromebook offers a budget-friendly operating system that has hassle-free processing. They are considered an equivalent to a budget Windows laptop with large screens, durability and essential connectivity features of a traditional laptop.

Virus Protection

The Chromebook operating system will protect users from annoying viruses that Windows laptops frequently get infected by and take hours to fix. They have strong processors, high-quality displays of 1080p and a large storage capacity that can last for years. They can perform tasks offline but do require access to a wifi connection to run applications and perform synchronisations with third-party devices.

Display & Design

The latest Chromebooks have adapted quickly to the needs of the average user by adding multi-touch features to their 10 to 15-inch screens and faster-operating systems. Chromebooks deliver all the benefits of tablets, laptops and desktops combined into a lightweight flexible machine. It now can be purchased with a detachable keyboard dock that allows users to perform intensive work projects and assignments with ease.

The Chromebook is intuitive delivering little to no interference between the user and the operating system by delivering an experience that is closer to the one on smartphones and tablets.


It should be advised that Chromebooks will not be able to handle extensive gameplay and are not suitable for experienced gamers looking to play AAA gametitles. It is recommended for creatives that are looking to design and illustrate digital artworks.

Types of Chromebooks

They are an essential upgrade from desktops where users are tied to their bulky hardware and not able to take their work outside their home or office. For frequent travellers and professionals who need to work during their commute, Chromebooks are available in advanced specifications being able to store large amounts of data and large screens. There are a variety of Chromebooks available online in Pakistan from Google, Asus, Dell, Acer and Samsung. 

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The best price of Chromebook in Pakistan is Rs. 9,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 15,228.

Price List

Model Price
Chromebook Acer C740 4gb Ram 128gb Ssd With Plays… Rs. 20,000
Daraz Like New Laptops - Hp Chromebook 11 G5 | 16… Rs. 12,999
Daraz Like New Laptops - Hp Chromebook 11 G5 | 16… Rs. 9,999
Hp Chromebook 11 G6 Ee 11.6 Chromebook Intel Cele… Rs. 13,999
Dell 3180 Chromebook 11.6 Inches Hd Screen, 4gb R… Rs. 11,999
Acer 720 Chromebook Laptop - Touch Screen - 4gb R… Rs. 19,999
Hp Chromebook 11 Ee G6, 11.6 Hd, Intel Celeron N3… Rs. 13,999
Hp Chromebook - 4gb Ram - 16gb Rom - Playstore Su… Rs. 16,999
Dell Chromebook 11 3180 - 4gb Ram - 16gb Ssd (fre… Rs. 12,499