Chubby Stick Highlighter

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Compare 8,632 prices from 105 stores.

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The right Chubby Stick Highlighter can instantly shape and contour the facial features accentuating them with a shimmery and illuminating colour.


The Chubby Stick Highlighter is added at the end of the makeup routine to the forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin as these points reflect the most light on the face. The highlighter started with simple gold and silver shimmer colours but has now expanded into an entire range of shades that include pink, coral, violet, peach and bronze. It has become an essential part of daily makeup and is often used instead of contouring products as it is breathable and lightweight as compared to heavy coverage foundation products. Sold in loose powder and cream-based compacts the chubby stick highlighter makes it easy to apply exactly at the points of the face you want to focus on. With just one product you can lift your cheekbones, shape your nose bridge, draw more attention to your forehead and brighten up your smile by applying it to your chin.

The chubby stick highlighter is multipurpose and can even be used as eyeshadow as the formula is designed for the entire face. Feel free to be creative and apply it to your neck, collar bones and lips for extra shine. With a chubby stick, you can complete your entire daily makeup in minutes and your skin will appear fresh, young and bright. The thick pencil is designed to offer extra control over the product allowing you to use it in multiple ways and on the go.

The compact and no leak packaging makes it easy to carry in your handbag or purse when going out of the house. Touching up your makeup becomes simple and convenient as the formula is shaped into a pencil with a cap. The highly popular chubby stick highlighters are by Clinique, Color Studio and Sephora. 

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