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The best price of Chunri Dupatta in Pakistan is Rs. 165 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,264.


While chunri simply means a dupatta or a traditional scarf for South Asian women, it also refers to traditional textile art. In Pakistan, chunri is worn as a dupatta or a shalwar kameez. It is also one of the most versatile art that can be printed on many fabrics and worn on different occasions. Check out chunri dupatta prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Bahawalpur is famous for producing the best chunri suits and dupattas in Pakistan. Cholistan and Rajasthan are home to some amazing chunri artists. It is also one of the traditional outfits for women and men in these parts of the world. You can buy exquisite Rajasthani, Cholistani or Bahawalpuri chunri shawls, dupattas and suits online from our website.

Chunri Vs Ajrak

Chunri is Punjab's answer to the Sindhi Ajrak. It is a tye and dye technique while the ajrak uses block printing. Both look somewhat similar in design as they have many negative or white spaces all over but both are quite different in technique and patterns.

Dying Process

Simply put, chunri is a tye and dye technique of textile dying. Traditionally, it is dyed by tying small ball-like objects like pebbles, chickpeas or plastic beads all over the fabric. This is done to leave negative spaces in the fabric that do not absorb the dye. It is then dyed into different colours or single colour and then air-dried. The ties or knots are removed after air-drying and they leave a crumbled look to the fabric that can be ironed out or worn as it as, known as the "chunna hua" or gathered dupatta.

Diversity & Pricing

Aside from being versatile, chunri is also pretty affordable and doesn't cost much even for a three-piece suit. Its diversity allows for it be dyed on multiple fabrics such as silk, lawn, cotton, chiffon, linen, georgette etc. Pakistani women adorn chunri dupattas in single or multi colours and love to pair them with plain shalwar suits or kameez and trousers. Chunri is also worn over lehngas or gharara, depending on the wearer's preferences. It is one of those traditional arts that never go out of style and can totally spice up an otherwise plain ensemble.

Casual Wear

The versatility of chunri allows it for use as casual dupatta as well as formal. A simple chunri dupatta with no embellishments can be worn casually. It can be of one single colour or feature a mix of different colours. Casual wear chunri dupattas are mostly made out of cotton and linen fabrics. They can be worn to casual events like Basant, summer dinners, small gatherings etc.

Formal Wear

The colourful look and unique pattern of chunri makes it a great party wear. With a little bit of traditional Pakistani embellishments, you can transform your casual looking chunri shawl or dupatta into a beautiful festive wearable. Adding lappa, mukaish, kamdani, gotta, stones, pearls, salma sitara, dabka kora, zardozi work, thread embroidery, kundan work or meal work etc can make it the perfect Mehndi or Mayoon wear for the bride or her sisters and friends. It can also be worn on Eid or to Ramadan iftar parties etc. Just make sure to buy the silk chunri variety as it can look more festive than the cotton ones unless minimalism and simplicity is what you are going for.

Chunri With Plain White Suit

Colourful chunri stoles and dupattas look the best when paired with plain white kameez shalwar suits. The suit can be plain, have chikankari, thread embroidery or just self-printed. When paired with khussas or open sandals, it can make for a perfect casual summer ensemble. You can buy chunri shawls or dupattas in different colours styles and patterns and wear them with plain outfits by mixing and matching to get a whole new ensemble.

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Price List

Model Price
Printed Chunri Dupatta Rs. 550
Multi-color 2.5 Yards Chunri Dupatta in High Qual… Rs. 875
Chunri Dupatta Long Multicolor Cotton Tie and Dye… Rs. 769
Krinkal Shefoun Green And White Chunri Dupatta 2.… Rs. 799
Unstitched 3 Piece Chunri Lawn Printed Shirt, Law… Rs. 2,303
CHUNI KESARI (BB8361) Rs. 2,275
Chunri Printed Chiffon Dupatta – Length 2.5 Yards… Rs. 720
Chunri Print Chiffon Crush Dupatta With Bottom Ta… Rs. 720
Chunri Printed Chiffon Dupatta – Magenta – ZD55 Rs. 630
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