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Compare 6,282 prices from 81 stores.

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Known all over the world, Ck is a clothing and accessories brand. In their accessories range, one can also find watches. Their watches are made in partnership with Swatch; the swiss watching making brand. Ck watches are made with stylish designs that are mostly simplistic, keeping the watches neat. Due to the Ck brand and also the Swatch quality mean that these watches are relatively expensive.



Ck as a brand has kept up with the European fashion labels, despite being from America; it is as well known as some of the best out there. The brand has employed many celebrities over the years to promote its image with great adverts.

Other than clothes Ck also produces fragrances and watches. The watch range has quite a lot of options to choose from.

Ck watches

The production of Ck watches is handled by Swatch. This gives them the Swiss quality that all watch enthusiasts are looking for. The designs are kept simple and stylish, with a lot of variations in shape. Black is a go-to colour but one can, of course, find other options too. The materials vary a bit, but the difference is more often in the strap. One can find metal, leather or even cloth straps.

A Ck watch can add a lot of flair to one's attire, accentuating it just enough to stand out. The watches have an elegance to them which is what wearers are looking for.

The wide range of options gives everyone the opportunity to find something that suits their persona.


Ck watches are available for men and women. The prices of their watches are high, this is not just due to the Ck brand name but also due to the quality of the build.

In comparison to brands that specifically produce watches, Ck would be considered a lot more affordable.

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Model Price
Black Dial KWC Watch Rs. 5,000
Daniel Klein Women’s Watch Rs. 14,200
KWC Black Men’s Wrist Watch Rs. 3,350
Daniel Klein Ladies Wrist Watch Rs. 13,000
Kieslect Calling Watch Kr Pro Rs. 16,999
MK Online Watch Rs. 68,000
Daniel Klein Gents Men's Watch Black (DK11697-3) Rs. 10,000
Daniel Klein Gents Men's Watch Black (DK11489-2) Rs. 10,000
Daniel Klein Gents Men's Watch Black (DK11731-2) Rs. 10,000
SKAGEN SKW6024 Classic White Dial Black Men's Wat… Rs. 36,500