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Compare 681 prices from 35 stores.

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The parent company Johnson & Johnson launched Clean & Clear into the market as a cheaper alternative to Neutrogena. The younger brand focused on wider skin solutions covering acne and exfoliation that suited women as young as teenagers that faced these problems daily. The face wash line from Clean and Clear are called Facial Cleaners and are available in many different products each focusing on a particular skincare treatment.


Skincare Solutions 

The benefits of using natural ingredients to create cleansing formulas is an age-old home remedy for skincare./ The Clean and Clear face wash products include Lemon and Watermelon fruit extracts to create refreshing gels that gently cleanse the skin. The Acne Triple Clear line is very popular among teenagers that are dealing with unwanted skin problems and are prone to acne because of hormonal changes.

Everyday Gel Wash

The Morning Burst was introduced in 2005 and has been one of the most popular face wash lines by Clean and Clear in Pakistan. The formula is a gel-based facial cleanser that has Vitamin C and Ginseng ingredients that instantly revives the skins natural freshness. The added fresh citrus smell pairs well with the Bursting Beads technology in the formula that holds vitamins and gently exfoliates the skin.

Variations of Morning Burst

Other products under this line include Skin Brightening, Hydrating, Detoxifying and Shine Control that help focus on exactly your skin type offering relief and treatment from specific skin problems. For those looking for a strong face wash with deep cleansing action are recommended to use the Night Relaxing product by Clean and Clear. 

Foaming Face Wash

The Essentials product line is for everyday face washing, the gentle and soft Foaming Facial Cleanser can easily clear excess oil accumulated overnight on the skin. The quick cleansing action can remove any dirt, oil, and make-up leaving the skin feeling clean and healthy. The product has a rich lather that feels luxurious and comforting while remaining oil-free and lightweight. The formula is designed to not leave skin feeling over-dried like soap bars and harsh face wash products. 

Advanced Face Wash

The more advanced formula based Clean and Clear face wash line is called Advantage 3-in-1 that is specially designed for acne-prone skin. The face wash is foam-based and works to prevent future breakouts by using Salicylic Acid that ensures the skin is clean and fresh for the rest of the day. 

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The best price of Clean And Clear Face Wash in Pakistan is Rs. 313.65 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,054.

Price List

Model Price
Clean & Clear - Essential face wash 100ml Rs. 800
Clean & Clear - Essential face wash 50ml Rs. 550
Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash 100ml Rs. 800
Clean&Clear Foaming Face Wash 100Ml Rs. 900
Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Face Wash, Oil F… Rs. 750
Clean&Clear Foaming Face Wash 50Ml Rs. 435
Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Face Wash, Oil Fr… Rs. 1,050
Clean & Clear Face wash Purifying Apple 50ml Rs. 800
Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Daily Face W… Rs. 1,050
CLEAN & CLEAR - (Oil Free) Face Wash 50ml Rs. 600
CLEAN & CLEAR - (Morning Energy) Face Wash 50ml Rs. 600
Clean & Clear Rs. 1,250