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The reason for problematic dandruff is that the scalp excessively sheds its skin resulting in excess dead skin accumulation that falls off the scalp on to the clothes which we call dandruff. The less efficient scalp has a clogged scalp barrier with limited lipids and microbe called Malassezia that directly result in dandruff.


Trouble with Dandruff 

The leading budget-friendly anti-dandruff shampoo in the market right now is CLEAR by Unilever that is an internationally known parent company to many other popular brands. The Clear shampoo guarantees zero dandruff scalp results on the first wash, it does this through its powerful cleaning formula. 

Out With The Old

The scalp stays under constant stress with the collection of old skin cells rapidly shedding due to weather, sun damage, pollution, brushing, contact with hands, clothes and pillows. According to research by hair experts, the upper layer of the scalp sheds once a month in order to make room for new skin.

Malassezia is an unharmful fungus that thrives in excessively oily skin areas such as the chest, face, and scalp. The Clears’s clinical studies suggest this fungus is present in both dandruff prone or not types of the scalp the triggering element for dandruff is the state of the scalp barrier. 

Results of Clear Shampoo

The anti-dandruff will eliminate all flakes and residue of dandruff from the scalp and hair. The formula cuts through hair grease and helps remove dirt and dust accumulated in the hair. The Clear shampoo also has active agents that ensure the reduction of hair fall and restoration of the hairs natural balance. It will help clean the scalp surface preventing any itchiness and its nourishing formula will keep hair hydrated without over-moisturizing.  

Popular Clear shampoos are Soft and Shiny, Hairfall Defense and Clean & Itch Control that are precisely solving specific hair problems and delivering satisfying results. Other in-demand Clear Shampoos are: 

Clear Complete Active Care Shampoo

The Active Care series by Clear has Bio boosters that are a blend of different nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The new Clear for men has triple antidandruff technology plus that is a mix of Taurine and vitamin B3. 

Clear Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

The hair fall series has NUTRIUM 10 that again has a base blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The focus is to deeply nourish the scalp restoring a natural protective layer that prevents dandruff. 

Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol Shampoo

The mental base of the Cool Sport for men has reliable Bio booster and Taurine, signature to the Clear formula present in all variations of the shampoo. It is great for frequent use and keeps the scalp perspiration free, removing all build-up of sweat in the hair leaving men feeling cool for longer. 


The instructions to use Clear shampoo are to apply a small amount to wet hair and massage into the scalp. Then rinse out thoroughly and repeat application if needed to completely clean the hair. For best results, it is recommended to shampoo with Clear every day. Avoid contact with eyes as they are sensitive to sulphate agent present in the formula. When accidental eye contact occurs quickly rinse out with water. 

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The best price of Clear Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs. 334 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,120.

Price List

Model Price
Clear shampoo complete clean 180ml Rs. 334
CLEAR shampoo complete clean 380ml Rs. 920
CLEAR shampoo lemon fresh 400ml Rs. 920
Clear Complete Clean Shampoo 185ml Rs. 360
Clear Complete Clean Shampoo 400ml Rs. 699
Clear Shampoo For Women - Soft & Shiny (700ml) Rs. 495
Clear Shampoo For Women - Soft & Shiny (400ml) Rs. 370
Clear Shampoo For Men - Cool Black (700ml) Rs. 495
Clear Anti-Dandruff Complete Clean Shampoo, 380ml Rs. 780