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A mini-sized AC, the Close Comfort AC works well for a smaller room with a maximum of 2 people. It works even better when used with the tent that is included with some models or can be bought separately. As with most ACs, there is an output of hot air from the machine, in this case, that ends up heating the room more as it works on cooling it which is why the small tent helps a lot.

Pros & Cons


  • Very compact

  • Low energy consumption


  • Cannot cool entire room


The personal AC

'A fan with a tiny fridge: simple' as the Close Comfort website says. This little gizmo can cool you at a price so much less than a regular AC that it is mind-boggling, although the comparison is pointless as it is a tiny unit that can run on a 1kVa UPS with the cost at roughly 5 rupees an hour. Essentially a personal cooler not a room cooler. The way to use it is to be close to it as suggested by the name Close Comfort. Quite a light and compact unit which can easily be put into a corner using the built-in handles on the sides when not in use.

Why it is convenient

A plug and play solution to your cooling problem so no need for installation of pipes and figuring where the dripping water goes. Designed to cool areas nearer to itself which in turn saves energy as it isn't taking on the whole room and handling a large space. There is also a specifically built tent that the brand sells for you to install over your bed and have a Close Comfort AC fixed into one of the sides. Your sleep time is sorted with room enough for 2 people inside there, fitting over a king-sized bed. Doubling as protection from mosquitoes as well. This igloo tent is needed as when this unit throws out cool air from the front it also produces warm air from the back which ends up heating the rest of the room more than usual, so you really have to be beside the cool air vent to feel the difference. 

Variations of the Close Comfort AC

There are 3 different models with slight variations in functionality and money as well. The first two models were simple on/off versions where you didn't have options to set the temperature or fan speed, it was fixed at one setting. The latest model has a remote that allows you to change the fan speed and cooling power along with DC inverter technology so it is still energy efficient.

If you need a unit for a small space and lesser people while saving a lot of money on the electric bill Close Comfort ACs will do the job. With a little DIY innovation regarding the hot air exhaust, you could make more of this unit.

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