Cobra Air Freshener

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Compare 20 prices from 4 stores.

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Rs. 325 - Rs. 3500


Available in 300ml and 500ml aerosol spray cans and gel form, air fresheners by Cobra are widely used in Pakistani households. The brand offers ambient fragrances in a wide range of options. The price of Cobra air freshener in Pakistan is nominal.


Cobra air fresheners come in tall colourful bottles with interesting names inspired by European and American capitals and prominent cities. Ambient fragrances or air fresheners like aerosol sprays and incense etc create a fragrant and pleasant environment. Using them can help maintain a fragrant ambience at home but one should not rely on them to mask bad odours. Rather proper cleanliness and hygiene should be observed and these air fresheners should only be used sporadically. 


Cobra ambient sprays are a blend of natural fragrances derived out of fruits and flowers like tuberoses, mandarins, roses, lilies and marigolds. The fragrances range from light to strong and rich ambient scents that instantly eliminate bad odours, replacing them with a fresh, clean and pleasant fragrance. Great for use at homes, offices, bathrooms, kitchens etc. They are also safe to be used on carpets, curtains, bedspreads and cushions but it is better to avoid spraying them on things that are in constant personal contact. The gel form of Cobra air fresheners sold in round containers are great for use in the car. 

Contents & Variants 

The brand claims its products contain no chemicals or harmful ingredients. These are eco-friendly air fresheners that have no ozone-damaging substances added to them. There is a wide range of options to choose from as the brand offers multiple variants. These include European, American and Arabian based air fresheners. 

Cobra European/American Variants

1. Holland

2. London

3. Barcelona

4. Geneva

5. Rome

6. Zurich

7. Chicago

8. New York

9. Munich

10. Cologne

11. Berlin

12. Paris

Cobra Arabian Air Freshener Variants

1. Bakhoor

2. Nashvat

3. Al Noor

4. Aseel al arbi

5. Mukhlat

We have all fragrances of Cobra ambient freshener sprays on this page. Buy on our website from a multitude of our trusted online sellers in Pakistan.

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The best price of Cobra Air Freshener in Pakistan is Rs. 325 and the estimated average price is Rs. 744.

Price List

Model Price
Lotion Cobra London Air Freshener 300ml Rs. 450
Coral Air Freshener - 300ml - Car, Room & Office … Rs. 749
Fresco Air Freshener Jasmine Rs. 475
Coral Air Freshener Lovely Jasmine Pack Of 3 - 30… Rs. 785
Fresco Air Freshener Allure Rs. 475
Fresco Air Freshener Perfume 300ml Rs. 550
Coral Air Freshener Red Rose | Lovely Jasmine | L… Rs. 785
Fresco Air Freshener Amber Rs. 475
Coral Lovely Jasmine Air Freshener - 300ml - Car,… Rs. 325
Fresco Air Freshener OUD Rs. 475
Airnergy Air Freshener Jasmine Rs. 428
Air Freshener Big Boss | Aroosah | Aminity Gold |… Rs. 849