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The best price of Coffee Beater in Pakistan is Rs. 185 and estimated average price is Rs. 458.


Saving time and energy has become a priority in our fast-paced lives. Being able to easily beat your morning coffee is a great way to ensure you can enjoy it faster without compromising on the taste. Pakistanis popularly like to beat instant coffee called Dalgona coffee by adding a little water before and whipping the coffee to make a paste. This improves the taste and texture of instant coffee instantly if you want a richer cup.


Battery Operated 

The coffee beater is compact measuring at 8.5 by 2 inches only. Comfortable to hold in your hand and can be stored in a spatula jar or cutlery drawer. It is powered with a AA battery of 1.5 v. The 2 battery cells are inserted into the top section by pressing down on the silver top of the blender according to the correct negative and positive placement to ensure it runs properly.   

Compact & Easy 

Easy to operate as the speed is not too fast to create unwanted spill son your kitchen counter. It ha a good grip and outer body that does not heat up when turned on. The stainless steel stirrer is durable and stable when turned on while the rest of the body is made from stain-resistant plastic. 

Multipurpose Usage 

This electronic gadget is multipurpose as it allows the user to whip cream, eggs and froth milk as well as beat coffee. It takes less than a minute to prepare any kind of juice, cocktail and milkshakes. Users can use the coffee beater to mix any liquid even outside the kitchen for art and craft projects and science projects. 

Drinks & Cocktails 

Favourite drinks to prepare with a coffee beater are sherbet, yoghurt dishes, cold lassi and coffee. For fitness enthusiasts who drink a protein shake regularly will be able to quickly mix their drinks with this beater. The essential espresso cappuccino can be prepared with a beater as it will forth the coffee perfectly every time. 

Price List

Model Price
Pack Of 2 - Coffee Beaters Rs. 460
Handheld Coffee Beater - Multicolor Rs. 499
Handheld Electric Mini Coffee Beater Mini High Sp… Rs. 299
Battery Operated Coffee Beater Rs. 320
MHI Coffee Beater Egg Beater Handheld Mini Beater… Rs. 299
Hand Held Milk egg / dahi / lassi / Coffee Beater Rs. 478
Electric Hand Held Milk Coffee Beater Rs. 329
Coffee Beater Rs. 300
Coffee Beater Coffee Milk Drink Electric Whisk Mi… Rs. 495
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