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Compare 163 prices from 6 stores.

Compare 163 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 5320 - Rs. 80000


A table that can add value to the interior, more value than just looks. Coffee tables help with storage of smaller items and are also convenient for placing ones magazines and remotes on. The right height to put up one's legs while watching TV too. Available at a varied price range depending on the size, material and make.


The low table

A low table often found in living rooms or sitting rooms. The lower tabletop makes it non-obstructive to conversation while sitting on sofas or chairs. One generally finds magazines, newspapers and table coasters lying on them. Aside from these items, one can find 'coffee table books' on them; a whole line of large-sized books that developed a genre around these tables. Typically with more images than text for a quick glance over while enjoying one's coffee. There are versions that come built with drawers other compartments to store things needed around the lounge.


Coffee tables can be found in many different materials, the classic being wood of course. A lot of faux wood is used today as that is less costly in comparison. Other materials include aluminium, marble, steel and plastics. There is also a major trend of resin being used along with wood to create a mixture of plastics and wood, giving the classic a modern substance feel too. Many have a glass top as well.

These tables are available at many different prices, the rates depend on material, size and the brand that has made the table. Coffee tables can really add to the room and are also a functional help with space for one's things.

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The best price of Coffee Table in Pakistan is Rs. 5,320 and the estimated average price is Rs. 22,879.

Price List

Model Price
Coffee Table CT-A 07 Rs. 30,000
Coffee Table CT A-12 Rs. 29,500
Black Coffee table Rs. 30,500
Garristown Coffee table Rs. 37,000
Bladen Coffee table Rs. 30,500
Cabello Coffee Table Rs. 28,500
Eliano Coffee Table Rs. 30,000
Iris Coffee Table Rs. 27,500
Zardoni Coffee table Rs. 50,000
Baraga Coffee table Rs. 46,000