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Compare 271 prices from 14 stores.

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Colgate Herbal Toothpaste stands out by combining natural ingredients with scientific expertise, offering a gentle yet effective way to care for your teeth and gums. Whether you prefer a natural alternative or a soothing oral care experience, Colgate Herbal is worth considering. The toothpaste comes in different flavours like Regular, Mint and Neem to cater to various preferences.


Herbal Goodness

Colgate Herbal Toothpaste is a special kind of toothpaste that combines Colgate's trusted scientific knowledge with the power of natural ingredients.

Its goal is not only to clean your teeth but also to give you a natural, fresh feeling and be gentle on your gums. This toothpaste includes a mix of carefully selected herbs known for their oral care benefits.

1. Chamomile

This herb has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to calm sensitive gums and promote comfort in your mouth.

2. Sage

A natural astringent, sage tightens gum tissues and fights the buildup of plaque.

3. Myrrh

With antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, myrrh contributes to fresher breath and combats harmful oral bacteria.

4. Eucalyptus

This herb freshens your breath and has natural cleansing properties that support overall oral hygiene.
In addition to these herbs,

Scientifically Backed Ingredients

Colgate Herbal Toothpaste includes scientifically-backed ingredients such as Fluoride. This essential mineral strengthens teeth and prevents cavities for long-lasting dental health.

It also contains Calcium Carbonate which is a gentle abrasive that helps remove surface stains and plaque, leaving your teeth naturally brighter.

Another component is Sodium Bicarbonate. This natural ingredient neutralizes bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

Natural Appeal

Colgate Herbal Toothpaste is for people looking for alternatives to synthetic ingredients, providing a natural yet effective oral care solution.

Gentle Touch

This toothpaste is suitable for sensitive teeth and gums due to its herbal blend and absence of harsh abrasives.

Sting-Free Freshness

Colgate Herbal Toothpaste provides a refreshing clean without the strong, burning sensation often found in mint-based toothpaste.

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The best price of Colgate Herbal Toothpaste in Pakistan is Rs. 46 and the estimated average price is Rs. 312.

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Model Price
Colgate Herbal Toothpaste Rs. 240
Colgate Herbal Toothpaste... Rs. 290
Colgate Herbal Toothpaste 100gm Rs. 185
Colgate Herbal Toothpaste 150gm Rs. 245
Colgate Herbal Toothpaste 200gm Rs. 330
Colgate Herbal Toothpaste, 150g Brush Pack Rs. 245
Colgate Herbal Advanced Fluoride Toothpaste (150g) Rs. 130
Colgate Herbal Advanced Fluoride Toothpaste (200g) Rs. 155
Colgate Herbal Advanced Fluoride Toothpaste (100g) Rs. 89
Colgate Toothpaste Herbal 150gm Rs. 350
Colgate Fluoride Toothpaste Herbal 150g Rs. 175