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Compare 373 prices from 20 stores.

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Colour Pencils are an important part of growing up as they are an enjoyable activity that can be enjoyed by children as young as age 2. There are several brands available online that offer colour pencil sets that have different quality levels. The professional colour pencils are used by illustrators, designers and artists from Faber-Castell and Winsor & Newton. The student grade colour pencils are from companies like Deer.


There are numerous kinds of colour pencil sets that have as few as 4 pencils with primary colours for kids between the ages of 2 to 4 to over 50 pieces box set for pre-teens with a passion for art-making. These larger box sets have a variety of secondary and tertiary shades that bring master level detail to drawings. Like a regular led pencil, these colour pencils can be erased using a rubber eraser making it easy to correct any mistakes as compared to paint or crayons. Although an eraser may not be able to erase it as well as a regular graphite pencil.

The joy of art-making has been incorporated into early childhood education for decades using colour pencils, markers, paints and a variety of supplies in the classroom. Adults enjoy colouring just as much as children, artists often use colour pencils to create beautiful portraits, landscapes and calligraphy art by slowly building layers of shades.

Colour pencils can be used on various surfaces such as paper, wood, canvas and board making it a versatile medium to make art. The detail achieved with using coloured pencils has realistic results especially for naturalistic drawings of birds, mountains and landscapes. The shades and tones feel earthy and warm as compared to markers or acrylic paints; it feels soft and gentle in appearance.

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The best price of Color Pencils in Pakistan is Rs. 209 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,212.

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AF-02-Wild-Gold Lipstick-AO Color Cosmetics Rs. 350
Pack Of 12pcs Blue Colour Pencils Color Pencil Rs. 359
Tricon - 24 Color Pencil (cartoon Version)- Colou… Rs. 320
Pencil Color - Color Pencil - 24 Pcs Colors Penci… Rs. 599
Colour Pencil 24pc Rs. 650
Bahadur Jet Tricon Color Pencils-24 Colors- Jet S… Rs. 290
Trica 24 Color Pencil Tin- Colour Pencil- Station… Rs. 640
M&G Color Pencil Rs. 445
Deli 24 Colored Pencil Set - Pack Of 24 Colour St… Rs. 539
24 Colour Pencil Rs. 499