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Compare 156 prices from 9 stores.

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Being an independent company is it run on the loyalty of their clients and returning customers. The secret to their success is a deep understanding of various skin tones, climates and makeup techniques used all over the world. They have an extensive range of colours, product textures, hydrating and healthy formulas, and application kits that are professional-grade and top quality.


Indie Alternative Makeup

The Color Studio started in 2011 as a high-performance makeup line for professionals and makeup fanatics looking for alternative independent products. It has a cult following that understands makeup quality and colour pay off better than others. The Color Studio Professional line creates bold and dynamic high-performance lipsticks, eyeshadow and face care products. Their makeup studio is based in Italy, France and Germany. The brand philosophy believes all products should be created cruelty-free making sure no animal-derived ingredients are used in the process.

Skin Prep

Color Studio understands the importance of hydrating your skin before wearing any foundation or concealer that is why it hs specialised advanced primers like DNA Primer and Pro Primer. These serum-like formulas are lightweight, silky cream that has an active mix of anti-blemish and focused whitening agents that instantly make the skin feel soft and bright. They help provide essential moisture to restore the PH balance of the skin while minimizing the visibility of pores. It can be applied before makeup or on its own as a daily moisturizer.  

Skin Coverage & Compact

The best selling product for skin foundation by Color Studio is their Invincible Pro that is a creamy liquid-smooth formulation with good coverage of dark spots and pigmentation. The water-resistant layer will not dry out the skin as it has a vitamins C & E added into the formula to ensure the skin stays protected. The foundation can last up to12 hours without needing any reapplication of retouching. The water-resistant formula will ensure there is no transfer on to clothes or other surfaces. The other option is the Nude liquid foundation that is easy on the skin as it has fruit extracts and vitamin c that can achieve a dewy glow great for day looks and the office.

The contouring, sculpting and defining kits by Color Studio is compact and easy to use. The Professional Camouflage Foundation is available in 8 different shades ensuring that the perfect shade is achievable. A compact is a woman's go-to beauty product in her handbag, ladies can choose between the regular matte soft-focus powder and White Perfection that has additional brightening ingredients to liven up the skin. There are anti-oxidants to protect the skin from greying. 


There are Pure Matt, Velvet and Lustre collections of lipsticks by Color Studio that can be worn as a day to evening makeup look great for social gatherings and parties. The non-drying texture ensures that the lips do not look cracked or chapped even after long durational periods. The Velvet Lipstick has warm and berry tones great for wedding wear and formal evenings. The highly pigmented shades will provide full coverage while the texture is rich and soft that keep the lips hydrated. There are 42 shades of Active Wear lipsticks that can ensure all your favourite colours are housed in one collection.  


There are different blush colours available depending on your skin tone and undertones adding a pop of colour can make your cheeks look fresh and glowing. There are both matte and shimmer blushes available in reds, pinks, browns, chrome and nude that will bring out your complexion. A popular choice is the Glitz and Glam blush palette along with the Iconic Pro blush palettes that have two volumes with 8 shades in each set.  


Color Studio also have whitening and brightening skincare creams that help to colour correct dark spots and sun damage. There is a highly popular BB cream that provides light tinted coverage as a replacement for a foundation that feels heavy in the summer. The BB cream has added SPF that will provide a protective layer on the skin for the whole day.  


The highly pigmented liquid eyeliner called Intense Matte can last up to 12 hours as it has a lightweight jellifying agent that is water-resistant and can be applied smoothly with the precision marker tip.

Live Love Makeup Box

For those looking for a complete makeup solution, the Live Love Makeup Box is a great choice as it has the Velvet Matt Lipstick series with the colour 401 called Verdict, the shade Impulse from the blush series, an Haute Nail Color called Collide, Xtreme Top Coat and Blackest Kajal. All of these essential makeup items can create the perfect studio makeup look done by professionals at an affordable and budget-friendly price point. 

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The best price of Color Studio in Pakistan is Rs. 1,399.99 and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,000.

Price List

Model Price
Color Studio Pro Blush Palette, Vol 1 Rs. 4,250
Color Studio Bronzer, 301 Safari Rs. 1,600
Color Studio Professional Glitz And Glam Blush Pa… Rs. 1,800
Color Studio Velvet Lipstick, 140 Melody Rs. 1,600
Color Studio Velvet Lipstick, 120 Dreamscape Rs. 1,600
Color Studio Velvet Lipstick, 145 Koko Rs. 1,600
Color Studio Bronzer, 302 Cinnamon Rs. 1,600
Color Studio Lustre Lipstick, 801 Coral Rs. 1,450
Color Studio Velvet Lipstick, 104 Raga Rs. 1,600
Color Studio Pure Matt Lipstick, 178 Wild Side Rs. 1,800
Color Studio Pure Matt Lipstick, 152 Phantom Rs. 1,800
Color Studio Velvet Lipstick, 163 Cherish Rs. 1,600