Color Studio Eyeshadow Palette

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Compare 234 prices from 25 stores.

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Rs. 999 - Rs. 32500


Color Studio Eyeshadow Palette offers 35 highly-pigmented pressed powder colours packaged in a sleek and glamourous case. The spectrum of colours includes cool and warm tones in shimmer and matt textures making it versatile and an excellent choice for makeup lovers of all ages.


The combinations and makeup looks that can be created using the Color Studio Eyeshadow Palette are infinite. Complex eye makeup has layers that begin with a matt colour foundation and then combined with shimmer on top to add depth and brightness making the eyes appear larger and wider. Each colour swatch completely covers the skin's natural tone transforming it into a splash of colour. The pressed powder is made from fine particles that are designed to bind together and blend perfectly onto the skin covering fine lines and wrinkles on the eyelids. The eye shadow formula is completely water-resistant which means it will not smudge and is ideal for long wear makeup. The texture of the powder is fine and light which means you can blend multiple colours and not worry about it flaking or falling on the cheeks.   

With one palette you will be able to create a wide range of makeup looks that include formal dinner parties on holidays and weddings. For younger makeup lovers who want to attend concerts, parties and festivals, makeup is not limited to eyeshadow but can also extend to highlight cheeks, the area around the eyes, nose and lips with the same palette. The fun bright colours will stimulate your creativity and keep you interested in learning and creating new makeup looks throughout the year. The product shelf life once opened is two years giving you ample time to enjoy each colour shade in the palette. The affordable price point makes this eyeshadow palette an excellent addition to your makeup or a gift for a young teenager. The only drawback of the Color Studio Eyeshadow Palette is that it doesn't have a mirror inside making it difficult to carry on travel trips. 

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The best price of Color Studio Eyeshadow Palette in Pakistan is Rs. 999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,162.

Price List

Model Price
Makeup Eyeshadow Palette 2in1 80 Colors Rs. 1,099
Tv Parlor 80 Color Makeup Kit Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 1,199
12 Colors Eyeshadow Pallete FA-61 #3 Rs. 1,155
12 Colors Eyeshadow Pallete FA-61 # 2 Rs. 1,155
12 Colors Eyeshadow Pallete FA-61 # 1 Rs. 1,155
18 colors Impressionism eyeshadow Palette Rs. 2,065
Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 1,299
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy 8 Color Eyeshadow Pa… Rs. 4,500
Makeup Obsession Basic Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 1,900
Miss Beauty Colorpop Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 2,449.20
Glamorous Eye Shades 96 Colors ( 48 + 48 ) Rs. 2,550
Glamourous Face Eyeshadow Pallette, 28-Pack Color… Rs. 1,000