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Compare 198 prices from 23 stores.

Compare 198 prices from 23 stores.

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Setting up your computer has never been easier thanks to the numerous computer cables that can connect various external devices to your main PC. Shopsy has a variety of computer cables, ports and USB connectors that can connect audio, video and network connections with simple plug-in wires.


One of the most popular integration cables is the HDMI (High definition Media Interface) that will be able to connect your TV directly to your laptop or computer. With the HDMI you can stream directly off of your computer to your television in 4K which helps you easily set up a home entertainment system shared by the whole family. The VGA (Video Graphics Ray) cable can connect any monitor screen to your computer, multiple screens can be set up using the cables giving you a wide range of operating screens, multitasking windows and plenty of space to keep working continuously without any unwanted interruptions or distractions. The DVI is a computer cable that can connect an LCD monitor or a video card. For networking setups, the Ethernet cable is commonly used that ensures you have a dependable and unbreakable channel to the wifi and Bluetooth. Other computer cables include the mouse and keyboard connecting wires and audio cables used to connect to larger speaker units. The USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is a universally used connector port that can integrate any device with the computer. 

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The best price of Computer Cables in Pakistan is Rs. 1,983 and the estimated average price is Rs. 14,848.

Price List

Model Price
NZXT H1 Mini ITX Computer Case with 650w PSU Rise… Rs. 122,999
Panasonic/Nais AFP8550FPI Direct Cable b/w FPI & … Rs. 315,000
Computer Table Low Price Rs. 9,999
Computer Table Rs. 9,999
XPG RGB VGA PC Cable Rs. 5,880
LIAN LI Q58 White Color SPCC / Aluminum / Tempere… Rs. 30,000
LIAN LI Q58 Black Color SPCC / Aluminum / Tempere… Rs. 30,000
Panasonic FPO Programming Cable b/w FPO & Computer Rs. 58,000
HDMI PLated Cable 30m Rs. 3,500
CPU Holder Desktop Computer Mount PC Holder Compu… Rs. 6,990