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The best price of Computer Casing in Pakistan is Rs. 1,550 and estimated average price is Rs. 15,913.


The computer casing is a basic requirement if you want to assemble your own choice of components into a PC. There are various sizes available which also define how many components you can insert and the designs are endless as many different brands produce these computer casings. Some computer casings have basic things such as cooling systems or ports but a lot are completely bare to begin with. The price of a computer casing depends on what brand you purchase it from; prices can range anywhere from mid to high.


Computer casing

There are a lot of pre-assembled desktop PC options but in case one wants to build their own PC to a spec range that does not come pre-made, they will have to first purchase a computer casing. Computer casings are also known as computer chassis, system unit or tower.  A lot of brands that make computer accessories also produce computer casings, especially brands that cater to gamers. This is due to the fact that a lot of gamers like to build their own PC so they can make it as powerful as possible; making smooth gaming a sinch for it.

This method also allows one to swap out components they want to upgrade with ease, so when the latest graphics card is out the old one can be replaced; which is why the design allows for an easy way to open a panel on the tower. Gamers are not the only ones who like to assemble their own PC, people who might have heavy processing of any kind could opt for this method.

Generally, the designs vary a lot, in shape and proportions. All the brands try to make their computer casing stand out with their own style. Most are black in colour, but one can find pretty much any other colour they would want.

Types of casings, sizes and more

Computer casings come with some basics at times and others are completely bare. The basics, in this case, could be a power supply, a cooling fan, liquid cooling or RGB lights and a mix of ports. The number of mounts for components varies from case to case and also some are the larger sized ones, these are referred to as ATX; while smaller ones are known as mini-ITX. It is hard to list exact sizes as every brand has slight variations based on its design profile.

Cases are constructed with various materials including steel, aluminium and plastic. One can find other materials as well such as wood, glass and acrylic. A glass case looks cool with the insides visible and RGB lights shone, so what material one chooses is a matter of personal preference too. 

Due to the fact that a computer casing could be used in a server room with sensitive information, there are also options for some that can be locked. Others even have a system to log intrusions, a simple switch changes position when it is opened and records it into the BIOS for reporting the next time it is turned on.


Computer casings are manufactured by many, a lot of no-name brands also make them. From the known lot of brands Corsair, Thermaltake, Asus and Redragon are among the available options.

The prices for computer casings range from the mid to high point. Something from Redragon would be in an accessible price range, while brands such as Corsair are more costly options.

Price List

Model Price
FANTECH FB301 TURBINE RGB Cooling Fan For Pc Casi… Rs. 7,699
FANTECH FB301 TURBINE RGB Cooling Fan For Pc Casi… Rs. 7,699
Cougar MX660-T-RGB Computer Casing Rs. 19,999
Cougar MX660 Mesh RGB L (With 3 ARGB Fans) Rs. 19,999
Thermaltake 20 MT ARGB Level Mid-Tower Chassis Rs. 16,280
Cougar MG140 AIR RGB (Mini Tower Case) Rs. 20,999
Lian Li Lancool 215 Snow White (With 2x200mm ARGB… Rs. 21,499
Cougar MX660 Mesh RGB (Black) Rs. 21,999
Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-… Rs. 23,499
Corsair 110R Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Gaming casi… Rs. 10,800
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