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Compare 10 prices from 6 stores.

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Computers have various kinds of hardware that is assembled to make it a functioning machine. Hardware refers to all the physical components and devices, this includes things such as the CPU, GPU, power supply, motherboard, mouse, monitor, keyboard and the rest. Computer hardware is produced by a lot of brands and some produce specific parts. The price of computer hardware depends on the specific part in question. All the various parts have alternatives that are cheaper because they are budget-builds or are dated and the higher quality newer ones that are expensive.


Computer hardware

The hardware of a computer refers to all the different components and devices needed to make it work or make use of it. The ones that need to make it work include the internal components such as casing, motherboard, power supply, cooling fan, CPU, GPU, hard drive RAM and optical drive. These same components are also used in laptops, but many of the laptop versions come in smaller, more compact sizes so they fit into a smaller space.

The devices needed to use the computer include things like the monitor, keyboard and mouse. With laptops, these devices are built into one component making them a lot more portable and efficient to use.

Variations in internal hardware

Every type of component has a lower-grade version and a newer higher quality option available. For instance, with a GPU one can purchase something that does not have its own dedicated RAM, this means it is cutting into the CPU's RAM. A better variant is the one that has dedicated RAM so it does its process tasking on its own and doesn't strain the CPU. Better GPUs and CPUs even have their own small cooling systems to keep them running more efficiently, and the high end of cooling is liquid cooling.

With CPUs there are newer models from the known brands that have a higher thread count and clock speed, meaning they are more powerful than models with lower specs. Cooling systems for your computer can be a simple fan-based system with a heatsink or a liquid cooling system.

The hard drive is where information is stored. There are the older HDDs and the newer models are the SSD technology. The SSD is a lot faster than the HDD as it does not have moving parts. The NVMe protocol M.2 SSD is super fast with writing and reading your information. 

RAM is an important piece of hardware, it decides how fast individual tasks can be executed, of which there are millions. The higher the RAM the faster it can process tasks, increasing the overall speed of a computer. Also, if it is DDR4 vs DDR3, the former will perform a lot faster. Then specialised RAM chips are built with better materials and have a heatsink like construction so they dissipate heat faster and can perform as close to optimum as possible.

Motherboards are available in different sizes depending on the kind of PC case they are to be fit into and what CPU and GPU you want to insert into it. The motherboard is the basis where all the components are connected. A power supply is chosen based on what amount of electricity your components need, various CPUs and GPUs consume a different amount. 

Optical drives are mostly DVD drives or BluRay drives today as these are the more relevant forms of CDs. These are useful if one wants to write information onto such a disc or use it to watch movies and install games.

Interfacing hardware

These are the hardware devices one connects to their computer tower to be able to make use of the system. For a visual representation, there is the monitor, this lets one see their OS and operate it. The monitors today come with high resolution and refresh rates so the graphics are crisp as well as smooth. Having a better monitor helps play games with more ease as well as watch movies in good print. The LED monitor variant is a top choice.

To execute commands and input text one uses the mouse and keyboard. The mouse is what moves the cursor on the screen letting one click on actionable icons and commands. The keyboard has numeric and alphabetic keys set onto it which one can click to enter text into various fields and documents. There are simple options for both, but one can also find higher performance devices. Gaming mouses and keyboards are designed for more efficient performance and tend to have features to make them optimised for individuals.

Such mouses have extra buttons one can use to execute specific tasks on the fly as well. Keyboards that are the higher end have mechanical keys which are a lot more snappy and they have a backlight so one can see them easily in low light conditions even.


All this computer hardware generally costs a serious amount of money when one puts it all together. There are of course more affordable options, these are generally more dated models of most components or lower-end mouses and keyboards.

The higher-end options can cost a lot more, people who like gaming or have heavy work such as video editing may opt for such machines. These powerful machines make their work a lot easier by being able to handle the computational load with ease, making their workflow smooth.

What the price of computer hardware is, depends on the specific device you choose to purchase, the year of its release and the brand it belongs to.

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The best price of Computer Hardware in Pakistan is Rs. 14,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 86,660.

Price List

Model Price
SanDisk 250GB 3D SATA III 2.5″ Internal SSD Rs. 14,500
Asustor AS3102T Powerful NAS Multimedia Playback … Rs. 65,999
Intel: VROC Standard Raid Virtual Hardware Key VR… Rs. 29,800
TP-Link OC300 Omada Hardware Controller Rs. 51,499
ASUS ProArt Display PA27AC HDR Professional Monit… Rs. 92,000
ASUS ProArt Display PA34VC Curved Professional Mo… Rs. 305,000
ASUS ProArt Display PA329C 4K HDR Professional Mo… Rs. 170,000
KADA 952D+ Dual Digital System SMD/SMT Rework Sol… Rs. 26,000
Hakko FX-951 Soldering Station Rs. 52,000
HP 2SJ42AV Pc 280 G4 MT Ci3 Micro Tower Rs. 59,800