Cool & Cool Baby Wipes

Compare 2 prices from 1 stores.

Compare 2 prices from 1 stores.

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Rs. 550 - Rs. 875


Cool & Cool baby wipes remove germs and bacterial using 99% water content that protects sensitive skin from artificial fragrance, alcohol content or harsh cleansers that are commonly added to wet tissues.


Cool & Cool baby wipes are used for multiple cleaning purposes such as diaper changing, dirty hands and face to make sure the baby stays fresh and clean at all times of the day. The gentle cleansing formula does not use harsh parabens that would disturb the skin's natural PH balance making sure the baby's skin stays soft and smooth. Avoid contact with the eyes and the baby wipe is only meant for external use. 

The water content in the wipes is purified which helps keep the skin healthy. The soft and natural fibres feel comfortable and relax the baby. The baby wipes will dissolve any dirt, germs and bacteria from the surface of the skin. The resealable packaging is ideal for travelling as the wipes can be stored in a baby bag or car without the risk of drying out. The smallest packet has 25 wipes that are compact enough to be stored in your handbag. The medium size packet has 45 wipes that will last for a few weeks. There are 64 wipes in the largest pack that can be shared by the whole family. 


The best price of Cool & Cool Baby Wipes in Pakistan is Rs. 550 and the estimated average price is Rs. 712.

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Model Price
Cool & Cool Baby Wipes, 72-Pack Rs. 550
Cool & Cool Baby Wipes, 80-Pack Rs. 875