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The best price of Cordura Jackets in Pakistan is Rs. 3,247.50 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,854.


Cordura is a type of tough material that is used to make jackets, these jackets are used by motorbike enthusiasts to keep them protected in case of a fall. Many brands use Cordura to produce jackets and the prices vary, depending on the brand; ranging from the mid to a high point.


What is Cordura

Cordura is a range of materials that are made from nylons but at times have other fibres mixed into them. These materials are used in many applications as they are very durable and resistant to abrasions, scuffs and tears. For this reason, Cordura is used to make luggage, bags, trousers, military wear and performance apparel.

It that was created by the DuPont conglomerate in 1929 and is now the property of Invista, a subsidiary of Kotch Industries.

Cordura jackets

In the line of performance apparel, Cordura jackets are often worn by bikers. This is due to the protection they provide riders in case of a fall. Injuries from being tossed over the road can cause serious abrasions to the human body, Cordura jackets can take the damage and protect the person.

Many brands use Cordura materials to produce such jackets and there are a lot of different colours, more often though black jackets with colours trims are the go-to colours. Some jackets also have piping that is reflective so riders on their bikes are more visible at night.

The design is made with a band collar so a helmet can be worn on top without there being any hindrance of fabric. Often the elbow areas may have an extra layer of fabric for more protection. The arm areas may also have straps to tighten the jacket making it more trim, reducing drag factor.

This material comes with ratings as well so one can check what level of protection they will be receiving from their jacket. The higher the number means the thicker the thread and the tougher the fabric is, giving more protection.


Cordura jackets have saved many people from serious injuries. The price of a Cordura jacket varies, starting at the mid ranges and going up to a more expensive point depending on the brand.

Price List

Model Price
Dark Blue Corduroy Jacket Rs. 3,897
Camel Corduroy Jacket Rs. 5,596.50
Grey Corduroy Jacket Rs. 3,897
Camel Corduroy Jacket Rs. 3,247.50
Camel Corduroy Jacket Rs. 3,897
Black Corduroy Jacket Rs. 5,596.50
Black Corduroy Jacket Rs. 3,247.50
Grey Corduroy Jacket Rs. 3,247.50
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