Core I7 Processor

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Compare 42 prices from 8 stores.

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Rs. 46999 - Rs. 475000


PC's available with Core i7 can be highly customized and refurbished in Pakistan according to users own preferences and budget. An i7 PC will have larger cache memory and improved overclocking performance as it has Turbo Boost features ideal for intensive gameplay.


The transistor count on the silicon chip determines the performance by the computer systems, the higher the count the better. In 2006 Intel called this the Process-Architecture-Optimization Model. It is important to note that a Core i7 is built for business and creative processing and multitasking functions. It is capable of running smoothly and reliably through heavy processing of documents, video editing and gaming. Ideal for businesses and creatives alike, the Core i7 can handle heavy processing tasks smoothly without ugly tearing or freezing. The Core i7 PC's are widely popular in Pakistan as being an affordable advanced piece of hardware capable of handling graphic displays, office applications and advanced gaming.

Processing Power of Laptops

Laptops need to be able to withstand heavy usage, overheating and require large caches to handle memory storage processing. These are important features of the core i7 as it is built to handle extensive use without slowing down or overheating too quickly. But because of all the extra processing features Core i7 laptops too tend to heat up quicker than i5 or i3 formats.  

The Core i7 is built keeping in mind extensive processing and multitasking, users should be able to conduct work-related assignments, web browsing, video streaming and data access smoothly on the i7. Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge generations of processors both had improved chip size from on 32 to 22 nm that improved the high-intensity gameplay performance and enabled video playback at 4K resolutions.

Popular i7 PCs

The improved chipset in recent years has given Core i7 desktops the ability to achieve the highest display resolutions as these operating systems can handle top tier integrated GPUs that are VR ready and professional grade. These integrated GPUs have high-intensity gameplay and video playback capabilities of 4K. This is a popular iteration readily available at an affordable price point in Pakistan as it offers versatility and successful processing speeds when paired with 8GB RAM and is compatible with Windows 10. 

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The best price of Core I7 Processor in Pakistan is Rs. 46,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 117,947.

Price List

Model Price
Intel Core i7-7700 Processor Rs. 47,499
Intel Core i7-9700 Processor Rs. 64,499
Intel Core i7-12700F Processor – 12 Cores Rs. 94,000
Intel Core i7-9700 Desktop Processor Rs. 74,800
Intel Core i7-13700F 2.1 GHz 16-Core LGA 1700 Pro… Rs. 107,500
Intel NU8i7BEHFAI Nuc Mini Pc 8Gen Core i7 Proces… Rs. 154,000
Intel Core i7-7800X X-Series Processor Rs. 46,999
Intel Core i7-12700F 12Th Gen Processor Rs. 97,999
Intel Core i7-12700K 12Th Gen Processor Rs. 109,999
Intel Core i7-13700KF 3.4 GHz 16-Core LGA 1700 Pr… Rs. 132,000
Intel Core i7-13700K 3.4 GHz 16-Core LGA 1700 Pro… Rs. 137,000
Intel Core i7-9700 Coffee Lake Desktop Processor Rs. 62,100