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The best price of Core I9 Laptop in Pakistan is Rs. 91,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 257,001.


The expensive price tag of the i9 makes it hard to value as an investment when upgrading from an i7. It is not suited to daily tasks and moderate processing needs as those can easily be done through previous core I models. Users looking for higher clock speeds through the upgraded Thermal Velocity Boost that ensures the processor runs at an optimum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius ensuring better performance in the long run. The upgraded Optane Memory used in the i9 is a next-gen memory technology that increases the responsiveness and processing efficiency of the chipset.

Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional 4K file performance

  • Can rival high-performance SSDs under some circumstances

  • Wipes out hard drive-only performance


  • Overpriced


Advanced Technology 

The i9 promises to be the best gaming rig in the market, with its incredibly fast processing speeds it can load and run intensive gameplay without heating up in the slightest. It is best suited though for creatives in the game industry and design, for artists and photographers and filmmakers. The data processing power of the i9 will make editing video and rendering 3D VFX easy and smoother. The time it takes to render films can be up to 36 hours, to shorten this time and save valuable energy in case something goes wrong the i9 will not fail when other previous core I's might freeze.

The hyper-threading technology has been improved with the several cores creating a multi-threaded processor that can boost performance with all 6-core chips. The 64-bit x86 CPU has up to 18 cores offered by Intel processors. Similar to that technology the core i9 became was released in 2017 as an update to previously released "i" series chipsets. The core i9 is also part of the Intel Core X-series that is based on a small 14 nm process technology making it efficient and capable of running the Skylake-X microarchitecture. 


The expansive four channels of DDR4 RAM and 44 lanes of PCI Express are an improvement when compared to the 28 lanes in i7. The i9 has been designed with a special focus on high-performance gaming being able to meet all the 4K, 6K and 8K requirements with its 3.3 GHz chip that can be Turbo Boosted to overclock at 4.5 GHz. The drawback of a large processing power distribution is that it overheats quickly and start to become noisy without a proper cool down.

Price List

Model Price
Intel Core I9 12900 Rs. 129,999
Intel Core i9 13900KF Rs. 164,999
Apple Macbook Pro 15" Core i9 With Touch Bar Silv… Rs. 424,999
ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 GU603 16 Inches Core i9 (16… Rs. 358,900
Aorus X9 DT 17.3" Core i9 8th Gen 32GB 1TB + 1TB … Rs. 563,000
Dell XPS 9570 Laptop, Core i9-8950HK 2.9GHz, 1TB … Rs. 475,000
Intel Core i9 13900K Rs. 175,999
Apple MacBook Pro 16" Core i9 Space Gray (MVVK2) Rs. 417,999
Apple Macbook Pro 15" Core i9 With Touch Bar Spac… Rs. 386,999
Asus Rog Zephyrus 16" Core i9 11th Gen 16GB 1TB S… Rs. 420,000
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