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Compare 6 prices from 3 stores.

Compare 6 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 74999 - Rs. 1380000


A powerful machine that can handle most of the heavy tasks you throw at it. A PC which has the Core i9 processor is a newer age machine which would also cost higher amounts.


Core i9 PC

PCs that have the Core i9 processor are tough machines that can be used for heavier tasks or gaming. The Core i9 processors are a powerful chipset from Intel; a leader in the processor market. This family is 64-bit x86 CPUs with up to 18 cores and was launched in 2017. Over the years newer generations have been released, each more powerful than the previous one.

The first one in this range was based on the 14nm process and the Skylake-X architecture. Featuring four channels for DDR4 RAM and 44 lanes of PCI Express. This is a 3.3GHz chip which can be overclocked to 4.5 GHz; making for a powerful performer that people use for high-performance tasks and gaming.

In comparison to the first Core i9 chip, the 10th Gen version has a speed of 3.7GHz or 5.3GHz unlocked.


A PC with this chipset is generally a high-cost item as it incorporates some of the newest technology there is.

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The best price of Core I9 Pc in Pakistan is Rs. 74,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 610,416.

Price List

Model Price
Odin 1.1 – Core i9 13900K & RTX 4080 16GB Rs. 958,000
Odin 1.2 – Core i9 13900K & RTX 4080 16GB Rs. 1,086,000
Odin 1.3 – Core i9 13900K & RTX 4090 24GB Rs. 1,380,000
Intel Core i9 9900 9th Gen. 3.1GHZ 16MB Cache Rs. 77,500
Intel Core i9-9900 Processor Rs. 74,999
Intel Core i9 9900kf 9th Gen. 3.6GHZ 16MB Cache Rs. 86,000