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Compare 9 prices from 2 stores.

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Rs. 20900 - Rs. 140000


Corelle is an American brand of glassware, dishware and kitchenware and is a subsidiary of Corelle Brands LLC. Check Corelle dinner set prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Corelle is known for selling durable dinnerware at affordable prices in Pakistan. Here at Shopsy, you will find a comprehensive list of different dinner sets and their prices, to compare and decide on the best purchase.

Types & Designs

Dinner sets by Corelle come in a variety of designs, shapes, colours, materials and number of pieces. They range from formal, elegant, seasonal to informal and daily use sets. From being as small as comprising three pieces including a full plate, cup and saucer, dinnerware can be as extensive as having more than 75 pieces of crockery. 

Break Resistant

Most of the dinnerware by Corelle is made out of tempered glass or melamine material which is a type of hard plastic. Tempered glass is scratch-resistant as well as break-resistant, making them one of the most durable dinnerware in the market. The brand also makes sure to make its crockery resistant to chipping and staining to provide longevity and durability to its customers. 

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Corelle dinnerware is safe to use in the microwave as they are curated out of safe to use materials. There are no toxic materials used in the making of these pieces and the plastic used is BPA free. These dinner sets are also dishwasher safe and won't be damaged if run through a dishwashing cycle.

User Manual

Most dinner sets by Corelle come with a user guide or manual that has detailed instructions on how to use, maintain and store the crockery. Users must read that manual thoroughly to avoid andy damages caused to their precious dinner sets. The manual also has instructions on how to clean and use the crockery in the microwave or dishwasher etc. 

Buying Tips

Make sure to look for the tempered glass variety of Corelle dinnerware as they are the type that won't break or scratch. Also, do not go after heavy plates as weight does not ensure high quality or durability of crockery. 

If you are a small family of 2 or 4, with simple dining requirements and are looking for a less extensive dinnerware, opt for the 20 piece collection that serves 4 people and may consist of four full plates, four salad plates, four cups and saucers, and four soup-cereal bowls.

For a large family of 8, look for a 75 piece set as it may include 8 Full Plates, 8 Half Plates, 8 Veg Bowls, 2 Serving Bowls, 2 Lids for Serving Bowls, 2 Rice Serving Spoons, 2 Serving Ladles, 8 Soup Spoons, 1 Salt & Pepper Set, 8 Chutney Bowls, 8 Dinner Spoons, 8 Dinner Forks, 2 Rice Plates and 1 Butter Box.

If you are hosting a large gathering, you can purchase multiple affordable sets or a more economical option will be using open-stock utensils instead of going for a set.

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The best price of Corelle Dinner Set in Pakistan is Rs. 20,900 and the estimated average price is Rs. 47,564.

Price List

Model Price
Corelle Square Dinner Set, Pure White, 16 Piece, … Rs. 21,500
Corelle Square Dinner Set, Kobe, 16 Piece, 1075367 Rs. 29,000
Corelle Square Dinner Set, Pretty Pink, 16 Piece,… Rs. 29,000
Corelle Livingware Dinner Set, Celebrations, 32 P… Rs. 56,000
Corelle Livingware Dinner Set, Spring Blue, 32 Pi… Rs. 56,000
Corelle Square Dinner Set, Bamboo Leaf, 16 Piece,… Rs. 29,000