Cotton Candy Machine

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Compare 40 prices from 16 stores.

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Rs. 449 - Rs. 75000


A machine with a spinning mechanism that creates the strands of candy which come together to create cotton candy. Cotton candy machines are available in different sizes, depending on one's production needs. The price is also affected by the size the machine is.


Simplifying cotton candy production

Cotton candy was an arduous undertaking before the cotton candy machine was created. With a few different instances of it being created around the same time. The basics on the machine are a bowl that holds sugar which has a maintained amount of heat keeping the temperature stable. This bowl spins, driven by a motor.

A simple explanation

A mix of sugar, colouring and water or corn syrup is heated up until it is all a liquid. The container has small holes in the wall and when it is spun at high speed around its axis, the liquid gets pushed out of the small holes. The diameter of the holes is small enough to let tiny amounts of the liquid out, tiny enough for it to cool down as soon as it hit the air outside. Thus creating the thin strands of crystallised candy, these strands get wrapped over and over thus creating the fluffy cotton candy we all know. 

Cotton candy machines are available at various prices, depending on the size mostly and then the brand. Sizes vary, some are counter top version and others are large enough to cater to a fare. Which one a person decides to buy depends on what amount of cotton candy they want to produce and also their budget.

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The best price of Cotton Candy Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 449 and the estimated average price is Rs. 7,126.

Price List

Model Price
Cotton Candy Maker Rs. 6,500
Electric Cotton Candy Maker Rs. 60,000
Cotton Candy Maker GCM-520 Rs. 7,000
Bubble Yum Cotton Candy Bubble Gum 10p Rs. 995
E-Lite Cotton Candy Maker ECCM-702 Rs. 9,599
My Little Squishy Coco The Cotton Candy Cloud Rs. 4,250
Cotton Candy Machine With Trolley GRT-FM02W Rs. 75,000
E-Lite Cotton Candy Maker ECCM-702 Rs. 13,678
HeHouse Cotton Candy Maker HE-9008-PBL Rs. 8,000