Cow & Gate 3 Growing Up Milk Powder

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Compare 1 prices from 1 stores.



Cow & Gate 3 Growing Up Milk Powder is made especially for toddlers between 1 and 2 years old. It is a special nutritional supplement designed to support them as they transition from breast milk or formula to a more varied diet during this important stage of development. The formula addresses common nutrient deficiencies, supports brain development, promotes strong bones and teeth, enhances gut health and offers ease of use. This makes it a comprehensive and convenient choice for the nutritional needs of growing toddlers.


Essential Components

Cow & Gate 3 Growing Up Milk Powder contains iron, calcium, vitamin D, prebiotics, minerals and other vitamins.

The blend of vitamins and minerals provides a balanced mix, contributing to overall growth, development and well-being in toddlers.

Addressing Nutritional Gaps

The formula fills nutritional gaps that may be present in toddlers who have not yet adopted a fully balanced diet. It provides essential nutrients to support their overall health.

Brain Development Support

The inclusion of iron in Cow & Gate 3 Growing Up Milk Powder supports the development of the brain by providing the necessary building blocks for cognitive function. This helps prevent potential developmental delays in toddlers.

Strong Bones & Teeth

The combination of calcium and Vitamin D in Cow & Gate 3 Growing Up Milk Powder collaborates to foster healthy bone formation and maintain strong teeth.

This is crucial for the proper growth and development of skeletal structures.

Enhancing Gut Health

Cow & Gate 3 Growing Up Milk Powder also includes prebiotics (GOS & FOS) in the formula that play a role in improving gut health.

By encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria, they aid digestion and may contribute to strengthening the toddler's immune system.

Easy to Digest & Mix

The granulated formula is designed for easy dissolution in water or milk, ensuring convenience for both parents and toddlers.

This feature simplifies the preparation process, making it a practical choice for busy caregivers.


The best price of Cow & Gate 3 Growing Up Milk Powder in Pakistan is Rs. 1,800 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,800.

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COW & GATE 3 - Growing-up Formula 400g Rs. 1,800