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The best price of Creed Royal Oud in Pakistan is Rs. 11,490 and estimated average price is Rs. 62,111.


Among some of the oldest fragrance creators, Creed is a leading brand. It has many options, as well as an oud-based one called Royal Oud. It is a great mix of Eastern and Western notes to create something that is signature Creed. There is a kaleidoscope of woody, aromatic green and spicy notes; with the oud note being integral. The price of Creed Royal Oud is high; as is generally the case with Creed fragrances.


Creed was created in the year 1760 after a pair of scented gloves owned by King George III led him to commission a fragrance and the brand came into being. It is still run by the family, generations on. There have been many hits with Creed Aventus as one of the leading fragrances from the brand.

Many Creed customers had been asking for an oud-based scent and thus the brand created Creed Royal Oud. It is a unisex fragrance.

Creed Royal Oud

With oud as a prominent part of this scent, one also finds a lot of other hints to make it a well-balanced fragrance that represents the Persian and Parisian perfectly.

The top notes include pink pepper, lemon and Sicilian bergamot. Starting off with freshness and spice. This goes on to the heart notes that have cedar, angelica and galbanum. The first two of these are both woody, with angelica even adding in musk and a sweet rooty scent. The galbanum brings a very stark bitter green fragrance.

At the base, the notes include sandalwood, oud (agarwood) and musk. This is where a lot of the deeper tones are, with wood, a smokey tone and musk for warmth. This fragrance is a great balance as it has western tones to compliment the eastern ones; keeping a Creed signature enmeshed despite featuring feels from the Orient.

Creed Royal Oud is ideal for any time of the day or night and can easily be worn during any season. This is generally not the case with oud based scents as they are deeper and often associated with the night or winter. Due to the lighter tones layered in, this fragrance is much more versatile. 


The staying power of Creed Royal Oud is very strong and the silage is at a moderate to a strong level. This is great as one is smelling good for a longer period.

Price-wise Creed Royal Oud is expensive, the high-quality scent mix, brand name and top-shelf ingredients all add to this cost.

Price List

Model Price
Creed Royal Oud EDP 120ml Rs. 50,900
Creed Royal Princess Oud EDP 75ml Rs. 89,500
Royal Oud Men EDP Rs. 56,280
Creed Royal Oud 100ml Rs. 95,000
Creed Royal Oud 100ml (Men) Rs. 72,346
Creed Royal Oud Men Edp 100ml Rs. 42,000
Creed Royal Oud EDP Perfume For Men 75ML Rs. 33,999
Royal Princess Oud Men EDP 75ml Rs. 49,920
Aventus Aventus Creed Royal Oud Rs. 11,490
Creed Royal Oud 100ml (Men) Rs. 59,400
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