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Compare 283 prices from 10 stores.

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Rs. 339 - Rs. 64995


A ball designed for cricket. Cricket balls have evolved over time, today they are available in a few different colours depending on the nature of the match. The prices of cricket balls vary, depending on the brand and whether they adhere to the first-class regulations.


The cricket ball

A ball that is made with a centre of cork, wrapped in string and stitched into a leather covering. The end result is a very hard ball. At the first-class level (professional cricket), the balls are regulated by cricket laws. Cricket balls used to be white but that changed over time as the game evolved and our understanding of it improved.

Mostly the traditional red cricket ball is used in Test matches that span over several days. A lot of One Day matches use the white ball in order for it to be visible under floodlights. Since 2010, pink balls have also been introduced so they are in contrast with the players' white uniforms as well. This helps visibility during day/night Test matches. For training, it is common to use any one of these balls, or a tennis ball that is covered in electric tape. In Pakistan, this latter style of ball is also used in street cricket and informal playing; often referred to as a 'tape ball.

Cricket balls have caused serious and fatal injury over the years. It is also the reason why protective padding and helmets were introduced to the game.

A cricket ball is available at various prices depending on the quality and make; regulation adhering balls cost a lot more. The known brands include Kookaburra, Dukes and SG; these are also the ones used in professional games. CA Sports and other brands produce cricket balls locally, mostly in Sialkot, Punjab.

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The best price of Cricket Ball in Pakistan is Rs. 339 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,935.

Price List

Model Price
Red Shots Cricket Ball Bean Bag Rs. 9,200
Cricket Ball Three Rs. 600
CA Attack Cricket Ball Rs. 2,500
Red Cricket Ball - Pack Of 1 Genuine Leather Cricโ€ฆ Rs. 350
Plastic Cricket Ball Rs. 695
Soft Rubber Cricket Ball Practice Ball - Red Rs. 425
Red Cricket Hard Ball Real Leather Professional Cโ€ฆ Rs. 480
Soft Rubber Cricket Ball Practice Ball - Red Rs. 399
HS Spark 200 Cricket Ball Rs. 4,300
Avenger Leather Cricket Ball - Red Rs. 585