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The best price of Cricket Gloves in Pakistan is Rs. 1,210 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,210.


Players such as Batsmen and Wicket Keepers wear high-density PVC protected cricket gloves to protect their fingers and hands from injuries. The cricket ball is a hard leather coated object thrown at a very fast speed towards the batsman which is why it is essential to wear protective gear while playing. Feilding the wicket becomes safer and easier with cricket gloves that can withstand the high impact force of the ball.


The outer areas of the gloves are made from high-density foam PVC finger rolls that offer full coverage and are designed to be flexible being able to control the bat direction and catch the ball precisely. There is usually an additional thickness of foam padding for the first 2 fingers of the left hand. The elasticated wrist band usually had a strong grip with velcro fastening to secure the glove. To protect the thumb of the lead hand there is a hard shell cover.

The PU inserts are used to protect the index finger ensuring safety and the durability of the gloves. It improves playing by offering complete support and safety for the hands that allow for risky, bold moves and taking bigger risks while running between wickets, catching balls from a distance at the wicket and reminding injury-free while playing.

Cricket is a physically draining and high-intensity sport that can tire the fingers and legs which is another reason protective gear is essential for the safety of the players.

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Batting Inners Cricket - Bats Man Inner - Pack Of… Rs. 1,210
Batting Inners Cricket - Bats Man Inner - Pack Of… Rs. 1,210
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