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The best price of Cricket Helmet in Pakistan is Rs. 201 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,307.


The cricket helmet is an essential protective layer for the batsman that prevents fatal injuries and concussions while playing on the pitch at both ends. The strong and durable polypropylene material used to make the outer shell can withstand any high-impact collisions or falls protecting the head, face and neck. The inner shell is padded with thick and sturdy foam fitted all around the head of the helmet.



The cricket helmet is the ideal shock-absorbent protection needed by the batsman and wicket keepers that can support them and safeguard them from any injuries. The double protective layer of a hard outer player and foam on the inside ensures nothing happens to the skull, neck and jaw that are in close range of the cricket ball, bat and ground when running between wickets.


There are six vents in the helmet design to allow for the maximum free flow of air so that players are able to stay oxygenated and not feel claustrophobic allowing the body to achieve maximum blood circulation. There is a sweatband built into the front to keep the forehead clean and cool. The fabric keeps the face clear of any sweat beads that allow for optimised playing on a hot summer day.

Face Protection

The helmet has a fully adjustable faceguard made from a strong and durable grill that is double-coated with a protective layer on the steel-wire that connects to a moulded earpiece for maximum stability and security. The helmet is designed to provide full coverage to the head and face including the sides so that players can make swift actions and swings with their bats and fielding.


There is a 3 layer composite fibre mould with a polyurethane liner that is removable and easy to wash ensuring no bacterial or germs accumulate inside the helmet. The sweatband and inner cushions are also removable that ensure the cricket helmet is able to last for many years. 

Price List

Model Price
Cricket Helmet - Helmet Hardball Cricket Protecti… Rs. 1,820
Cricket Helmet For adult (For adult , Good Qualit… Rs. 1,149
Cricket Single Grill Helmet Rs. 2,080
Cricket Helmet Good Quality 5- 10 years age whole… Rs. 999
HS 3 Star Cricket Helmet Rs. 1,500
Cricket Single Grill Helmet Rs. 2,080
Sports City Cricket Helmet Green 1 Rs. 1,999
Cricket Helmet For adult (For adult , Good Qualit… Rs. 1,149
HS Simple Cricket Helmet Rs. 900
Hard Ball CE Cricket Helmet - Extra High Quality Rs. 1,000
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