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The best price of Cricket Shoes in Pakistan is Rs. 4,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,150.


Cricket shoes are designed with a grip that works well on grass. There are options for studded and spiked shoes. With the studded ones, the studs can be removed as well if one wants to use the shoe without them. A lot of brands produce cricket shoes and one can choose based on their specific need as a player and the design they like. The colours are mostly white with some other colour trims as a lot of matches are played in white kits. The price of cricket shoes ranges from the lower to higher end depending on the specific brand in question.


Cricket shoes

A lot of sports have shoes made specifically for them, as does cricket. A cricket shoe is basically a sneaker that has studs underneath it, one does not have to wear studded shoes; if their regular sneakers have an apt grip for grass those could work as well.

Some cricket shoes let you remove the studs too, so they can be used both ways; depending on specific needs in the moment. The studs are metal ones or one can get shoes with spikes made from plastics. The spiked shoes are better for all-rounders and studded shoes are better for fast bowlers. Fast bowlers also need better cushioning as their feet take a lot of strain while bowling, especially the big toe. This latter bit is also why some fast bowlers cut a hole for their toe so it has room to move and isn't constantly pushed up against the end of their shoe. Cushioning is needed for all players as they will be running a fair amount during a match.

Aside from the functional aspects cricket shoes have a lot of different designs and most are in white with hints of other colours. This is largely due to the fact that one of the basic cricket kits is the white one worn for many matches. Design elements include brand logos and graphic patterns.

The material is mostly faux leather with mesh bits in between so one's foot can also breathe. The materials are generally chosen to keep in mind all the various weather conditions that players may face. 


There are many brands that produce cricket shoes, the known ones are Adidas, CA, Kookaburra and New Balance. The price of a cricket shoe depends on the specific brand in question, with some that are affordable and better brands that are expensive. 

Price List

Model Price
CA Cricket Shoes 15k LE-Blue Rs. 5,800
CA Cricket Shoes Gr-17- Yellow & White Rs. 4,500
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