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The Cricket Thigh Guard is protective cricket gear worn by the batsman and wicket keepers during the match to protect their legs and knees from injuries on contact with a fastball or diving on the pitch.


The Cricket Thigh Guard is worn on both legs that cover the front and inner thigh with ultra-high-density foam moulded in a PU shell that can withstand heavy shock absorption. The thigh guard is form-fitting and has a soft absorbent fabric lining that can mimic the movement of the batsman and wicket-keeper.

These guards are made for both Right and Left-handed Batsmen fastened with elastic waistbands and thigh straps so they can be customised according to individual players. The material is entirely synthetic with hypoallergenic properties that ensure the comfort of the players at all times during the match. It won't cause any unwanted rashes or allergies on the skin as the padding is highly absorbent preventing any build-up of perspiration.

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