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Compare 41 prices from 3 stores.

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The art of crochet is similar to knitting as it is done with one special crochet hook that is used to create a knotted effect with stitches. Usually made with yarn that is washable and strong, it is a laborious technique that is done all over the world. The best-suited thread to use for this is superwash wool or cotton. The sweaters made with crochet stitching have lots of seams to put everything together.


Traditional Craft

The lacy sweaters have repetitive patterns with large gaps between the stitching. The sweater can be worn with a contrasting coloured under layer that will highlight the threadwork. This looks stylish in a contrasting colour as the lacy sweater is lightweight and decorative. The simple circle pattern sweater has stitches closer together that gives the effect of chains or swirls forming on the surface. Usually, these circle motifs are seen in placemats, coffee cup mats and table covers.

Modern Craft

The simple circle pattern might look easy to make but it takes thousands of stitches to create this crochet sweater. Having been in style for generations, it looks urban and retro in colourful threads. Popularised in the 70s by hippies of the USA, it is still part of the Boho or bohemian fashion aesthetics. The puff stitch used in crochet adds an element of texture to the threadwork. The shell stitch is similar to scallops as the focus is on a decorative edging and hemline closure for extra shape. These crochet circle patterns are also seen in mandala art which is synonymous with peace and serenity of Buddhism.

Feel Good

Other than the lacy or strong crochet sweaters there are also loungewear or casually worn styles available. They have large stitches so the sweater feels comfy and cosy without feeling heavy as the fingering weight yarn is lightweight. There are rainbow-inspired colour combinations that will liven up your wardrobe. These sweaters will break the monotony of everyday clothes and are a fun statement piece to have in your closet.

Other Styles

Ladies swear in crochet can be done in a number of ways, the sweater shrugs have a double crochet stitch technique. These are great to give extra details and the spacing looks like high-end designer wear. There are crop sweaters or boleros that can be paired with dresses and skirts. The chunky crochet sweater is ideal for festive occasions and can be bought in numerous colours. The classic oversized crochet sweater is worn casually to beaches or as lounge wear by men and women. 

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The best price of Crochet Sweater in Pakistan is Rs. 1,300 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,375.

Price List

Model Price
Women Cropped Crochet Cardigan Rs. 2,245
Handmade Vintage Crochet Sweaters For Babies And … Rs. 2,050
Handmade Vintage Crochet Sweaters For Babies And … Rs. 1,700
Handmade Vintage Crochet Sweaters For Babies And … Rs. 1,500
Handmade Vintage Crochet Sweaters For Babies And … Rs. 2,250
Baby Crochet Woolen Cardigan/ Sweater Rs. 1,500
Baby Crochet Woolen Cardigan/ Sweater Rs. 1,850
Baby Crochet Woolen Cardigan/ Sweater Rs. 2,000
Baby Crochet Woolen Cardigan/ Sweater Rs. 1,700
Baby Crochet Woolen Cardigan/ Sweater Rs. 2,050