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Compare 203 prices from 7 stores.

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Rs. 1699 - Rs. 165000


Cufflinks, in function, are similar to buttons. Achieving the same result but with a lot more style. Made from various materials and in a lot of different designs. Cufflinks are available at many different prices depending on the material and brand.



First appearing in the 1600s, cufflinks were not a part of regular attire till the late 1800s. Generally, they are considered as part of a more formal getup. Cufflinks are designed to keep cuffs closed, a similar purpose to buttons but with a lot more panache. These are used with shirts that have French Cuffs.

Cufflinks can be made from metals, leather, cloth, glass, stone or precious metals. It is not uncommon to find iterations that have a mix of the aforementioned materials. There are variations of how they function, with some that have a chain linking the 2 parts or a small bent bar. Other versions have a small bar that is hinged and once it is folded the cufflink is secure.

The visible side or the side on the outside of the cuff is the more decorated one. With different designs inlaid or any number of three-dimensional shapes such as skulls, arrows and dice are possible. This large variation allows for much customisation of one's style.

Most famous design brands such as Cartier, Armani, cK and Hermes, all make cufflinks. Just as the producers of cufflinks vary so do the prices. Cufflinks are available at very nominal prices all the way to exorbitant prices. Which cufflinks one chooses is a matter of their style choice and, of course, their budget.

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The best price of Cufflinks in Pakistan is Rs. 1,699 and the estimated average price is Rs. 19,930.

Price List

Model Price
RT CUFFLINK IMP CUF-22004 Rs. 2,250
RT CUFFLINK IMP CUF-2686 Rs. 2,650
Cuff Link Rs. 2,650
Versace Cufflink Gold-Pattern Rs. 127,500
Montblanc Cufflink Square Steel Stripes (Y) Rs. 119,500
Montblanc Cufflink Black Round 3 Rings Motif (Y) Rs. 165,000
ST Dupont CL Round Berby Black Cufflink 005617 Rs. 96,000
Cufflinks – 82 Rs. 1,699
Cufflinks – 83 Rs. 1,699
Cufflinks – 12 Rs. 1,699