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Compare 171 prices from 18 stores.

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Curtains are a functional necessity for a home to be private. Especially at night when people can peep in while the lights are on. Also a great way to keep the light out in case one wants to sleep late. Curtains have a lot of options in design and the variation of fabrics. Available at many different prices depending on those factors.


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The oldest known way to make one's living space private. Curtains have been around since the time of the Egyptians and before. Originally different animal hides were used with hooks, as we developed coth the material changed. A piece of cloth was used, intended to block light and also to keep the home or office more private. Curtains are movable and can be drawn or closed. Generally, made from different types of fabrics. With a wide variation in colours, styles and sizes. The size depends on the area that needs covering. Curtains are held back by curtain ties at times. Mostly they are used for windows, but people also use them for archways or doorways for a semi division in case it is needed. Curtains are also called 'drapes' at times.

Designs and materials

Often curtains are made with pleats sewn into them, this gives them a slight flare and allows them to cover some extra area while looking better too. Minimalism has its place in their design, with some versions that are plain and flat. Designs are a personal choice, so where someone may choose a plain cloth, others may choose one with patterns or embroidery. The choice does affect the ambience of the room. Colours are also used to add more to one's interior.

The materials vary depending on the needs. Some are made for cutting out some of the light while others block out the sun completely, such as the ones in hotels. Hotels also have two separate channels on the rod, one with a thinner veil that lets some light through and a heavier curtain for when one wants the room dark. People also use them to dampen sound, these curtains are heavier and would have more layers. A more specific kind also has fire dampening abilities, adding to personal safety. Most are made from different forms of cloth such as cotton, jacquard, silk, polyesters or others. A lot of times there are hooks or rings stitched into the cloth, this keeps the fabric from fraying over time as it isn't in direct contact with the curtain rod. Modern iterations have digital systems that can be used to open or close them remotely.

Curtains are available in an endless variety. Which one chooses is a matter of their preferences, needs and the budget they have in mind. The price range starts at the very bottom and goes all the way to the top, given the number of options regarding fabric quality.

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The best price of Curtains in Pakistan is Rs. 1,140 and the estimated average price is Rs. 5,445.

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Model Price
European-style Curtain for Living Room | Light Lu… Rs. 13,299
Bloom Printed Curtain Rs. 5,648
Window Blackout Curtain For Bedroom | Full Blacko… Rs. 9,299
Double Layer Blackout Curtain with Tulle Overlay … Rs. 13,299
Fusion Printed Curtain Rs. 5,648
Lilac Glow Printed Curtain Rs. 5,648
Small Flower Embroidered Window Curtain For bedro… Rs. 13,299
Curtain creeper | Vernonia creeper | Parda bel | … Rs. 2,025
Jacquarad Valvet Curtain Premium Look To Rooms (1… Rs. 1,799
Curtain In Net Palachi , Pair's Price , 4ft X8.6ft Rs. 2,999