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The best price of D13 Smart Watch in Pakistan is Rs. 830 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,479.


Smartwatches have a lot of functional value that enhances your lifestyle. If one is looking for a budget device they can opt for the D13 Smart Watch. It has all the health plus activity trackers and one can use it to easily screen their notifications. This smartwatch is also water-resistant so one can go about their daily tasks without worry.

Pros & Cons


  • Nominal price

  • Water-resistant


Wearable technology is a common feature today, due to which one can find a lot of different smartwatches on the market. The D13 Smart Watch is an option that is similar to the Apple Watch in design. It is running an Android-based OS and has a set number of apps, one cannot download more apps onto it. The device connects to your smartphone so you can screen calls and messages with ease.

One of the major plus points of the D13 Smart Watch is that it has an IP67 rating so it is water-resistant, meaning you can go about your daily tasks without worry. This doesn't mean you can swim with this smartwatch though.

There are also activity trackers such as situp counter, step counter and skipping tracker. Along with these one can also make use of a calorie record, heartbeat tracker, blood pressure monitoring and there is a sleep tracker as well.

If you want to remind yourself to be active the D13 Smart Watch can give you reminders for that too. It is also useful as a remote to take pictures if your smartphone is at a distance from you on a ledge or tripod.

The D13 Smart Watch is light so one does not feel they are being weighed down by a device.


The price of the D13 Smart Watch is very nominal for a smartwatch, this also does mean that the quality is a lot more basic than a known brand.


Function Pass-o-meter, Fitness Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Mood Tracker, Message Reminder, Call Reminder, Alarm Clock, Heart Rate Tracker, Calendar
ROM 128 MB
RAM 128 MB
Rear Camera None
Battery Capacity 120-180mAh
Network Mode None
SIM Card Available No
Display Size 1.3inch
Resolution 240x240
Battery Detachable No
APP Download Available No
Band Detachable No
Brand Name BINSSAW
Smart Watch Bracelet For Men Women IOS Android Phone Watch
Multiple Sports Modes Pedometer Calorie Distance
Waterproof IP67
Health monitor Heart Rate Measurement - Blood Pressure Measurement - Blood Oxygen Measurement - Sleep Monitor
Remote Camera Remote Control

Price List

Model Price
Smart Watch D13 Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker He… Rs. 2,250
Smart Watch D13 Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker He… Rs. 2,250
D13 Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker Smart Band Rs. 1,299
D13 Bluetooth Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Smart B… Rs. 999
D13 Smart Watch for Men and Women Fitness Tracker… Rs. 1,650
smart watch D-13 for Fitness Tracker,Sleep Tracke… Rs. 1,399
D13 Fitness Smart Band Rs. 1,835
D13 Smart Watch IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker S… Rs. 1,289
New Style D13 Bracelet for Men Blood Pressure He… Rs. 1,950
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