Dahua Camera Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dahua Camera in Pakistan is Rs. 3,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 67,447.


A brand that produces security surveillance equipment, Dahua is among some of the best options in the market. Dahua has a lot of different cameras one can choose from based on their needs. The price of Dahua's equipment is in the mid-ranges.


Dahua the brand

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. is among the leading brands when it comes to CCTV systems. The brand spends on R&D and has applied for over 2,800 patents, which includes 150 international patents. Dahua has provided security solutions for many places including China International Import Expo, the Rio Olympics, G20 Hangzhou Summit, BRICS Xiamen Summit, Lincoln City Surveillance in the UK, Recife CBTU Subway in Brazil and more.

Dahua has been ranked the 2nd in the global CCTV & video surveillance market for many years.

Dahua cameras

Dahua has many different cameras one can choose from. This includes versions that are stand-alone WiFi-based ones or others which are made to be part of a network and connected to a PoE switch. The cameras have options for night vision infrared. The video resolutions vary between models and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

There are some models that can also be moved around digitally or zoomed, instead of being just a static shot. This can be useful depending on where it needs to be installed.

Options are available for packages that include 4 cameras, 8 cameras or more. These cameras can also be bought separately in case one needs to increase the number of eyes.


Despite the fact that Dahua is ranked so high for their services, the prices of Dahua camera's are in the mid ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Dahua HAC-T1A21 2MP HDCVI IR 2.8mm (103°) Eyeball… Rs. 3,499
Dahua HAC-T1A21 2MP HDCVI IR 2.8mm (103°) Eyeball… Rs. 3,499
16 HD CCTV Cameras Package (DAHUA) Rs. 67,500
8 UHD IP Cameras Package (DAHUA) Rs. 108,000
Dahua HAC-T1A21 2MP HDCVI IR 2.8mm (103°) Eyeball… Rs. 3,499
16 FHD IP Cameras Package (DAHUA) Rs. 171,000
16 FHD CCTV Cameras Package (DAHUA) Rs. 72,300
4 FHD IP Cameras Package (DAHUA) Rs. 49,500
4 UHD IP Cameras Package (DAHUA) Rs. 59,400
2 HD CCTV Cameras Solution (DAHUA) Rs. 15,600
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