Dany Pakistan

Compare 54 prices from 6 stores.

Compare 54 prices from 6 stores.


Rs. 4800 - Rs. 34680


Dany Pakistan is an electronics brand that has a host of devices including Tablets, Powerbanks and Charging accessories for third party mobile devices.


Electronic Gadgets 

Dany Technologies has affordable and sleek tablets for the whole family to share. The Genius Talk T1000 Signature series has a range of display sizes that will feel immersive and satisfying to watch movies, TV shows and music videos. The 7inch panel has touch screen features powered by a Quad-Core processor that can handle smooth data transfers and low resolution streaming. The 1 GB RAM will be able to offer some multitasking along with smooth web browsing. The battery is 2500 Mah that can keep the device powered on for several hours.  

The larger display is 10 inches with an IPS panel that has bright and clear visuals great for home entertainment. The Dual Sim can allow users to use the tablet as both a laptop and a mobile phone making sure you stay connected with your friends and family. The 1 GB DDR3 RAM is paired with a fast and smooth 1.3 GHZ Quadcore processor. The tablet also has a 5MP Dual Camera making it easy to video conference and take high-quality photographs. It is compatible with 3G mobile networks that give users access to streaming their favourite music and videos online. 

Latest connectivity features include Bluetooth, GPRS and WiFi that offer access to the internet, Google Maps and all your favourite applications. It has a 4.4 KitKat operating system with a native internal storage capacity of 16 GB that can be expanded to 32 GB. The display has a Five Multi-touch captive features making it easy to play your favourite games and be able to handle the tablet easily with one hand. There is FM Radio to connect to the local channels and MP3 Playback compatibility making it easy to build the perfect library.

Power Bank

The large collection of Power Banks available on Dany Pakistan as large as 20,000 MAH that is able to charge multiple devices in one go making it easy to stay connected remotely at all times. There are smaller power banks also that are easy to carry and compatible with numerous other smartphones brands. 

TV Devices

The range of Full HD TV devices makes it easy to access channels, applications and USB stored content directly on your television display. Simply plug in the TV Device and enjoy Youtube, Netflix and Satellite channels from the comfort of your home. 

Other Products

The large extensions available on Dancy Pakistan can make it easy to organise all your electronic devices in one main station allowing users to customise their home or office space. There are high-quality Car Chargers and Webcams available to help enhance connectivity. There are also long-lasting and high-quality earphones like HI-POD PRO Earphones available that can be connected to all third party mobile devices such as desktops, laptops and Tablets.

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The best price of Dany Pakistan in Pakistan is Rs. 4,800 and the estimated average price is Rs. 10,454.

Price List

Model Price
Dany D Force Smartwatch Rs. 7,999
Dany Rex Fit Smartwatch Rs. 5,999
DANY Monster 4G Lite Rs. 10,900
Dany | DIGITAL QURAN (AK-777) Rs. 10,190
Dany Titan Amoled Smart Watch Rs. 7,399
Dany Cat-6 Cable 100M Rs. 7,920
Dany Loop Pro Smart Watch Rs. 6,699
DANY Signature 4G 10" Rs. 24,500
Dany T-1000 Genius TAB Rs. 19,080
Dany Genius Talk T-470 Tablet Rs. 21,480