Dany Tv Device Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dany Tv Device in Pakistan is Rs. 1,860 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,122.


Dany TV devices add more functions to your TV or monitor. The devices have an input for cable so one can convert a regular LCD into a TV. The other kind of device allows one to convert their regular TV into a smart TV. These devices are available at very competitive prices making it easy to purchase and expand on one's entertainment base.


Dany Technologies

Based in Karachi, Dany is a local brand which produces many different electronic devices. The range includes tablets, HDTV devices, Bluetooth earphones and other phone accessories. Their tablet segment has quite a few options that vary in size, features and price.

Audionic is also a part of Dany Technologies.

Dany TV devices

The TV devices Dany produces are majorly for converting LCD and CRT monitors into TVs. These devices also allow direct play from a USB or get a cable from the local cable operator to watch TV channels. Aside from this, they have a device based on the Android TV boxes, this lets you convert a regular TV into a smartTV. Once that is connected the Dany TV box can be connected to the WiFi and also has ports for USBs to be connected directly to it.

The Dany TV device range is available at lower price points making it convenient to add more functionality to your TV or screen.

Price List

Model Price
Dany FM-U-2000 TV Device Rs. 2,760
Dany HDTV-600 LCD TV Device Rs. 3,180
Dany HDTV-600 LCD TV Device Rs. 3,180
Dany HDTV-550 LED TV Device Rs. 4,500
Dany T.View TV Tuner W/O FM Device Rs. 1,860
Dany AX-100 Amaze 4GB 32GB Android TV Box Rs. 10,200
Dany HDTV-800 LED TV Device Rs. 3,180
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