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The best price of Dap Fertilizer in Pakistan is Rs. 120 and estimated average price is Rs. 120.


The most commonly used fertilizer type, DAP is a mix of 2 constituents. The effects are short term, on a longer-term DAP causes harm to the soil, making it infertile. DAP fertilizer is available for a relatively competitive price.


Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)

Phosphate based fertilizers became more easily available in the 1960s. DAP is the worlds most widely used fertilizer. Made from two constituents, phosphoric acid and ammonia. The reaction is done under a controlled environment, creating a hot slurry that is cooled, granulated and sieved. The physical properties of DAP fertilizer also make it the most common choice. It is easy to handle and store. The nutritional grade is high, at 18-46-0. Fertilizers with nutrition lower than this cannot be marked as DAP.

In application, the advantages of inorganic fertilizers are short term. DAP fertilizers temporarily increase the soil pH but over a longer term, the ground becomes more acidic than before. Reducing soil fertility and making it harder to grow plants over time. 

Aside from this DAP is also used as a fire retardant and for industrial metal finishing. DAP is an additive in the wine and cheese-making process.

DAP fertilizers are available at relatively competitive prices in Pakistan, as the economy is based around agriculture it is made accessible for all the farmers. The known local producers of DAP fertilizers are Engro Fertilizers, Fauji Fertilizer Company, Jaffer Agro Services and Fatima Group.

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