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Davidoff Horizon is a classic masculine scent with a rich combination of light and warm aromatic notes taken from nature. The Eau De Toilette is easy to apply as it has a spray nozzle making sure you can evenly spread the fragrance on your neck and body.


Davidoff Horizon was released in 2016 by Zino Davidoff as a spicy and woody fragrance. Taking fresh and light aromatic notes from ginger and rosemary that instantly release as soon as your spray on the perfume. These top notes open up the senses and lungs, filling you with a feeling of freshness. The middle notes or heart notes that are released once the top notes evaporate. These complex and darker tones balance the top layer by adding the warmth of cocoa. These are more textured aromatic notes that linger and stay with you for several hours.

The base notes are complementary and blend in well with the cocoa, these are made from vetiver and cedarwood. The complex blend of ginger, iris, orange, pepper, vetiver, cedar, amber, nutmeg, rosemary, and cacao pod creates a long-lasting fragrance popular among young and mature men. It is suitable for all skin types making it safe for sensitive skin.

The other iteration of Davidoff Horizon is called Extreme that has a richer fruitier composition made from grapefruit. The natural blend of rosemary, ginger and cedar has added cypriol, leather and nutmeg that create the perfect evening wear fragrance for men. The base notes are also warmer with sandalwood and amber accord that are ideal for dinner dates and formal evening wear.


The best price of Davidoff Horizon in Pakistan is Rs. 14,549 and the estimated average price is Rs. 14,549.

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